Wednesday, 21 January 2015

One Thing Leads to Another

                                     Welcome everyone!

       If you follow along my last post I shared  my new living room furniture...

                         Well something was missing....

                                  This short wall in the living room  divides
                                        the kitchen and living room....

                                    In the past we had our grandfather clock there and
                                                         a picture...

                       This didn't look quite right so after some persuasion Hubby
                                      moved the grandfather clock to the hall.

                                         Now I'm on the hunt for a console table.
                           I knew exactly what I was after and so poor hubby knew too
                                    we were on  another journey....

                         After many stores and prices from $500. and up
                                I decided to search the web and right there
                                         on Lowes site my table shone......

                              Called the store to see if they had it in stock and I was
                                   informed that I needed to order online.

                            So that's what we did and a week later
                             my table was delivered all the way from Seattle.

                                         Don't forget that I'm in Ontario so that's
                                                  quite the trek.
                                           Wow it fit right in with my other tables.

                                                 I know I'm going to have fun decorating
                                                       it for all seasons and just for fun.
                                                        Christmas console table..

                                                       Wonder if we are ever finished....
                                                                 Not a chance!!

                                                  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love all of your new furniture pieces! I bet it feels like having a new house now. It's always fun to replace things with something new and fresh.

  2. Love the clock and it looks amazing in the entry. Your new table is stunning.

  3. I love your new table, and your clock is gorgeous too!!


  4. Your console table is perfect! You will definitely have a lot of fun decorating it for the seasons/holidays!

  5. The new table is really nice and goes so well with your living room furniture. I like your lamp too. Your house is laid out the same as ours but our opening between the living and dining rooms has no header. I have an antique drop leaf table on that wall space backing the kitchen which I enjoy decorating as well.

  6. Love the new table and the new location of the clock!!...Have fun with the table!!

  7. Love your new table and the clock looks beautiful there!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)