Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Out with the Old

                                       New Living Room Furniture!

It's a sunny day here today and a fabulous morning to take pictures of my living room.

                              We ordered the furniture custom made through

                                     The brown leather couch that is.

                We looked and looked and looked at leather couches
                              and finally found this one in Palliser's

                        Ordered it through our local retailer and
                                           picked out the cowhide.

                                  I 've wanted leather for some time
                                           but couldn't find the size.

                             This living room is not so big so we
                                    needed to find the right size

                                      I chose leather for it's durability .
                            Having small dogs is one of the main reasons
                                              and I love the look.

                                   This was back in the fall , took 8 weeks to arrive.

                                I didn't want matchy chairs so I set  out
                                       looking for that perfect chair.

                                               I found it.
                                     Lo and behold in the same furniture store.
                                               Blue Herons on fabric.

                                                  This chair is a Lazy-Boy..

                                   Just a flashback here's the old furniture.....

                                               So happy to have my new!

                                              Have more to share but that will be another

                                          Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Gorgeous. What a pretty room and the new furniture is beautiful.

  2. Very nice Linda...love love your new wing back chair!!

  3. Your new furniture looks really nice Linda! I like the brown leather sofa and the chair is so nice with the heron fabric. It all really suits the room better with the cabinets and your coffee and end tables. I like the centrepiece on the coffee table and the little red cardinal on the platter. It all looks beautiful!! Well done and worth the wait.

  4. Beautiful new furniture- especially the amazing wing chair. The fabric is lovely!! Jane

  5. Linda! I'm so happy for you. Your new furniture is so pretty and I love love love your beautiful bird fabric chair! Lazy Boy? Wow! They've come a long way. Enjoy all of your pretties.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I love the new furniture, and the heron print material is fantastic. Your room looks great.

  7. The new furniture looks great! I too love leather and it is so durable. I think it was a really good idea picking that pretty contrasting fabric for the chair.

  8. I have the same couch!!! Just a bit lighter brown. Too funny! We've had it a couple of years and it really holds up well!