Monday, 19 January 2015

Arm Knitting 101

                                    Welcome friends!

                    I have seen these scarves touring facebook and I knew I
                             had to try....Arm can't be that hard I

                   So off to WalMart and purchased #6 weight chunky        
                                 Red Heart yarn. $10.00

                          Googled till I found a tutorial, u-tube and followed

                                       First I measured at least 6 arm lengths of yard
                                          then made a loop for my hand to go through...

                                                     Then it started...
                                          cast on 12 loops or stitches.....
                                                   as seen here.....

                                               The next step you transfer those
                                            stitches onto the left arm.....making sense
                                                       like mud right!!

                                           Ok then you take those 12 stitches and knit them
                                                    back onto the other arm and so on......

                                                          till you have one long knitted scarf...
                                                                    or facsimile .....

                                                     Sorry for the colour (its the same yarn)

                                                  then you lay right sides together and whip
                                                        stitch it closed so it looks likes this.....

                                                              Are you still with me?????

                                                                        TA ! DA!

                                            Finished and wrapped around my neck.

                                             Well it wasn't that hard was it???

                                                Give it a try, have fun with it.....

                                             Start out with a cheap ball of yarn till you get the
                                                              hang of it them purchase
                                                                   a beautiful colour and
                                                                    you too will be sporting
                                                                  a beautiful scarf that you

                                                    FYI ! I had some yarn leftover and thought
                                                       I'd knit up a scarf to find I ran out of yarn
                                                                 and so did the store.......

                                                         Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. What an interesting way to create a scarf! I guess if the shop has run out of chunky yarn you're not the only person who is trying this.

  2. I've heard of these and know friends who have made them, or tried to make them. LOL Yours looks great!

  3. I to have heard of this . Very pretty ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. That scarf turned out beautiful! I'm afraid I would look like I'm tangled up in a yarn straight jacket if I tried that. But, I'll trust you that it's easy.

  5. So pretty. I actually tried arm knitting last year and it was a horrible fail - so bad I blogged about it. Yours is definitely much nicer!

  6. I have a big ball of pink chunky yarn waiting for me to get to this project. Everyone I know is making them. I've just not sat down to do it! Maybe tonight.

  7. Your scarf looks lovely! My friend wears one of those almost every day. She has made quite a few and in December helped her daughter in university make one for all her friends as gifts. And neither of them knew how to knit! I can look for the yarn here if you like.