Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I just gotta paint! Animal Love!

                                       Another cold weekend!! -40 brrrrrrrr!!
                                         I've had the painting bug lately,
                                              especially when it's so cold outside
                                                 you find projects to keep you
                                                            busy inside.

                                                So I took out my paints and 
                                                       canvas and painted 

                                           Lucy is my daughters Golden Retriever.

                                                     I hunted down a cute picture
                                                             of Lucy.

                                   At Christmas my grand daughter,  Miss A.  put a Santa hat
                                                      on Lucy and took her picture.

                                                      Isn't she the cutest!!!

                                         So I decided that I would paint Lucy.....
                                                  decked out in her Santa Hat!!


She is such an adorable dog.

What type of project inspires you to create
 when it's tooooo cold to go outside?

I Just Gotta Paint!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love it Linda! Love your new profile pic too :-)
    Thanks so much for promoting our new linky party...hope to see you tomorrow night!

  2. amazing painting Linda, I've been sorting through my seeds and dreaming of warmer temperatures and being out in the garden ... I've also been knitting and reading

  3. Cute. Cute! You did a great job on Lucy's portrait. Such a pretty dog. I haven't been doing anything creative. Changing a bit of decor around but that's about it. Have a cozy evening.

  4. That is wonderful great job ! She is a cutie ! I take photos that's my creative thing to do in any kind of weather lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Gosh, I wish I could paint like you. That's beautiful! I think painting would be fun to do while cooped up inside. It's very cold here too, but not anything like in your area. Thanks so much for linking up to my party tomorrow night! I'm excited to see all of the links.

  6. How cool is that?
    I tried to find a new crochet project today....came up empty!
    Stay warm....
    Linda :o)

  7. You did a great job. Such a cute doggy. I like your profile picture too. Very appropriate for this weather. Stay warm.

  8. Such an adorable dog!
    And great job on the painting!

  9. Wow! That's gorgeous, Linda. I knew you could paint, but didn't realize how good you were.

  10. Beautiful dog and magnificent painting Linda!!....you are so very talented!