Thursday, 19 February 2015

Orchids DIY

I love Orchids, but find them so hard to grow!

I found a solution while browsing through 
our $dollar store the other day.

Wow this Orchid looks so real.

Supplies you will need:
1 Orchid
florists foam
a knife for cutting foam
sheet or loose moss
a container
a clip and a stick


cut your foam according to the size
of your container

add your moss to cover the foam.

Then cut if necessary the orchid stem
and push into the foam and moss.

Bend leaves and stem to desired look
and then add the stick and the clip.

My pot and stick and clip were leftover from my previous Orchid.

Can you tell if this is real or faux.

Never needs watering......

That's all there is to it!
So Easy!
Why don't you give it a try!

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  1. OMG! I love this! I am a huge orchid lover and have 2 real ones myself. I love how real yours looks. Thanks for the tutorial. I may try to make one in white rather than buying a live one. I don't like dealing with the orchids when they're dormant. Btw, I've been traveling today and wasn't able to get back to you with your question regarding your link picture being black. I don't really know what caused that unless you didn't link a picture to it. I would try it again and see if it will work. Thanks for joining the party!

  2. Love it!! Every January I go out and buy 4 or 5 orchids to display around the house. They last all winter and then I'm left with the green leaves with hopes that they rebloom. My house is full of green leaves and no flowers. This would certainly solve that problem!

  3. Great solution to having the beauty of orchids without the maintenance....beautiful Linda!

  4. I find them hard to grow also, once the bloom fades they don't bloom again.
    Very pretty.
    Thanks for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  5. This is a great solution to those persnickety orchids! Turned out gorgeous! I just purchased a new mini orchid- if you'd like to drop by and see my post on mini moments!