Sunday, 22 February 2015

Food for Thought

                                                               Two Doves!

                                           Outside my kitchen window, still snowing!
                                                      Stay warm my feathered friends!



  1. I love your header soo pretty ! Cute photo of Mr and Mrs Dovey . Gently snowing on and off today with the odd pop of sun winds are relatively calm birds feasting at their feeders counting down the days till spring , waiting for the Robins return , all is good ! I love our doves to but not that many here this winter ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. I love doves. Like your springy banner.

  3. Yes, we got another dumping on Saturday and it snowed intermittently throughout Sunday. Today we woke up to -25C AGAIN!!! Will this deep freeze ever end? Stay warm!!

  4. They are so sweet sitting next to each other. I'm sure they're a "couple"! Our weather warmed up a bit over the weekend but is expecting to change again tomorrow. This has been a long winter for everyone.

  5. So very cute...they are probably saying that they wish this winter will hurry up and go away!

  6. How pretty !
    ( not the snow - I've had enough of that lol )
    You have Doves sitting outside - I have skunks - something's not right with my picture !