Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Just have to paint....

                                                       OH NO!!
                                    I'M ADDICTED!!

                                                              To paint that is...

                                           First it was the red truck with the Christmas Tree...

                                            Then came the snowman........

                                                      The wheels on the bus
                                                         go round and round.....


                                                        Oh I mustn`t forget Lucy!

                                                  I couldn't stop there....right..

                                                        My latest.... Nest or Springtime!

                                                 So off to the $dollar store for
                                           more canvas supplies and more craft paint....

                                                   I wonder if I switched to oil paints and
                                                              paid more $$$$ would
                                                     that make me an ARTIST!!!!!

                                                       I think I'm kinda one now....

                                                            or you can say I'm

                                                  Then I stopped at Fabricland for
                                                        more white broadcloth...

                                                        Yup to paint on fabic...
                                                             More pillows..

                                      Well I started to paint and paint and paint......

                                       Oh NO!!! I can`t put the brush down...

                                          What have I become....

                                       Now I have many projects on the go
                                           that I should be finishing up......

                              I started knitting a baby`s blanket...good thing I don`t
                                        have to finish it till the end of April.

                                            A blanket Poncho......halfway there....
                                          Another scarf  I`m  crocheting.....
                                           Oh yes and that beautiful coloured
                                            blanket that I started months ago......

                                             I have seeds to plant and bulbs to start.....

                                           Oh well another day......

                                        Thanks so much for stopping by my
                                                 little corner of the world!

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  1. You really are an artist! I couldn't paint like that if I tried. You could easily sell your items on Etsy or at a festival where they sell homemade goodies. You do such a great job. Thanks for linking up the party tonight!

  2. You are an artist, Linda! Gorgeous, every one of them. They would all be cherished pieces. I wish I was as talented painting. Have a great, and cold and snowy week.
    Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) Rustic Maple

  3. Linda you are so talented! I love that pretty nest painting! Thanks for joining Share Your Style!

  4. Yes I think you are an artist! Most of us couldn't even begin to accomplish what you've done. :)

  5. Your paintings are great!! I can't believe you can find art supplies and the $ store, wow! Paint is soooo expensive...I have another artist friend that paints her canvases with house paint, which I haven't tried but she swears by it~ happy painting!

  6. Love your nest painting! I'm thinking that way too these days. Can't wait for Spring

  7. I ordered the vw van with the hearts. I love it.
    My grandmother made my daughter one of the poncho blankets some 40 years ago. I just loved it. It would be so great with car seats.

  8. If you're going to be addicted to anything, painting is a good one. You'll have to open an Etsy store so we can all enjoy your work

  9. Having lots of projects on the go makes life exciting. I've got a knitting one, a crochet one, a creative one with some old clay pots, and a planning the garden one. It's wonderful you are enjoying your painting so much.

  10. Hi Linda,
    I'd say you're an artist...we'd call you an Illustrator. :-) love your style! Keep it up and keep having fun!

  11. You are definitely an artist! Love your paintings/pillows. Thank you for stopping by Little Farmstead. Stay warm! :) ~julie

  12. Yes, you are an artist and it is obvious through your gorgeous work, no wonder you can't stop!!!!
    Great that it gives you so much pleasure. Good luck with all the projects!