Sunday, 26 April 2015

Mirror Mirror on the Wall DIY

                                  Hello Friends!
I want to share with you our front hall mirror and the DIY to update it.

Last year we picked up this quaint mirror at an estate sale.

We hung it in our front entrance .

It's funny how things happen... We lived with it for close to a year and

then one day hubby says .....

I would like to change up that mirror ..

To What!!  I can change the look of it ......

To What!!   A little off here and paint it up....what do you think?

You know we both thought this mirror was unique but it
didn't fit into our decor.

It's funny because we were both thinking the same thing but didn't want to hurt the other
ones feelings....

So with a screw driver off came the detail trim on the mirror and he cut off the bottom.

Then out came the black paint and's the transformation.

                                                          I love it!!

Here's the before and the after.....

Much better!

 Now it fits right in with our existing decor.

So with a little bit of handy work and paint he transformed our mirror!!


                                                        Thanks for stopping By!


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  1. I really like the original mirror for it's cottage look but I guess it was an easy transformation for you in to what you like. :) I might have painted it a soft green and left the details. lol Have a great week. How's the weather looking up there? It's still not nice here - cool and wet.

  2. I can't believe you took that adorable mirror and made it modern?

  3. The original is gorgeous - but it's a bit chippy and old fashioned when you compare it to the sleek black "after". Great transformation!

  4. I thought the before was cute, but I completely understand how you need to change things to match your decor better. I did that with a wicker rocking chair recently myself. I love your new mirror! I love decorating with mirrors since they can go anywhere.

  5. I too liked the before one, but a classic sleek black looks awesome too, I cannot even believe it is the same one! Best part of the story is you did it together. Love that.

  6. Your mirror looks great!! I love decorating with mirrors.