Thursday, 30 April 2015

Succulents, shopping and tea....

Hello friends..

I wanted to share with you my  beautiful day with out with  friends.

You know it was one of those days where we laughed and walked and talked....

Friends are the best....

We stopped at an antique shop in a quaint small town just north of Toronto
and I spotted this cute china cup ,,, and only $10.00.

It was love at first sight.   I knew it was coming home with me and I knew right
away who I was giving it to. I have an older sister that has Dementia .......She still remembers
me, but not the present. Her short term memory is gone.

I thought that this cute cup and saucer would be a great Mothers day gift for her.

Then we were off to  Garden Artifacts. A gardening  centre that none of the girls had been before.

                    This is where I found this succulent for $2.00.
                     It had such great form and colouring...

I know I pictures taken at either location.......I was having so much fun.......
I forgot to take out my phone and take pictures....

We stopped at another little town making our way around and had the most delightful
lunch at Frankie's. Carrot and ginger soup, and Frankie's flat bread with homemade
salsa/bruschetta ...Yum ...Frankie's serves only gluetin free.

Then we walked in and out of shops .....

Just enjoying a the day with friends!

                            Once home I replanted my cute succulent in this
                                                glass vase.
                                        Doesn't it look like a tree?


                                            Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a sweet Mother's Day gift for your sister!

  2. Very pretty ! Sounds like you had a lovely day out ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  3. That is a sweet gift for your dear sister. My sister has Alzheimer's and still knows me but she doesn't converse very much. The succulent is so different. Your outing sounds like fun!

  4. Sounds like you had a great day! I love the teacup with the little bird and flowers in it. That's a really pretty succulent too. It looks different from most I've seen.

  5. Nothing beats a girls day out!! And finding treasures along the way is even better.
    Love that succulent!

  6. Love the succulent and the new container!...Great buy on that teacup! is sometimes hard to remember to take pics when you are having so much fun with friends! Have a great weekend!

  7. Succulents have become one of my favorite plants and would have never dreamed that possible!
    First I thought I would kill them, because I love to water, but somehow they forgive my overzealous nature and thrive.
    The one you have chosen is perfect and I love the teacup too-beautiful finds for certain.