Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Barn Doors this is beyond gorgeous!

                                      Have you ever thought of owning a barn door?

                                               Love this rustic touch ?

                                    Mr WWH made this door for our DIL ......

 It all started here....

                           But before I start you must see all these unique vehicles
                                 that he makes over the winter months from
                                          skids. Here are just a few.......

He builds them and then gives them away to grands, nieces and nephews.....
and keeps a few for his own collections.....many hours, many hours.......

             You see skids are what this barn door is made of....

You can see him here busy assembling the door...but what you don't see is the
time spent removing all the nails from the skids .

look in the background and see all the wood leaning up against the wall....

Sanding and more sanding......

The door is taking shape.....

The ends were attached and then the cross brace.

All that's left now is the staining.......

                                                         Looking good!

Here it is laying on two saw horses.

Next day we delivered it to our Son's home and our son and Mr. WWH hung the

Privacy in the master bath!!

                                                 Our dear DIL was over the moon
                                                      just what she envisioned.

In case you are interested in the hardware, they purchased it at Lowe's for $150.00.


Love it! 
Wish I had somewhere to have one!

Yes Mr. WWH. you are amazing!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Beautiful work . I must show Papa here as he is a wood worker as well and loves making things in his shop to ! Isn't it nice when they make something for us I love it ! I had a step stool made with an inlay of a butterfly in the top , a potato and onion box and so many wonderful other things as well and he refurbished an old harvest table for a co worker last year and builds bird houses made two lovely grave plaques for people as well ! he loves his wood shop and being busy in it making things and I love hearing the machines going in it to cause I know it is what makes him happy lol ! Wonderful barn door looks awesome there ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Wow, Mr. WWH sure is talented! The 'toys' are amazing and I remember you sharing some before. His work is quite exquisite. The barn door is awesome! I wouldn't have room for one either but they are very nice. Have a great day Linda.

  3. Gosh he's good! Real good! Can I borrow him over the summer? You wouldn't mind would you? I'm so impressed with your husbands wood working skills. the barn door is amazing and I would love to have one. That really cuts down on the cost if you can make the door yourself. I'm completely in awe over the cars and trucks etc he built! I swear you and he could go into business together because you are both so artistic and talented. Did your kids inherit those genes too?

  4. Mr WWH sure is amazing. Love all the projects he makes. The barn door is wonderful and I'm sure greatly appreciated.

  5. WOW!!!! The barn door is amazing as are the toys!!!! Your hubby is incredibly talented and very generous :o)

  6. That's amazing! I'm so jealous ! I wish my husband could do that ! Love the old cars and trucks too! He has a special gift for sure! Cindy

  7. Fantastic job!! I've been pining for a barn door in our house too. But it just doesn't suit our 1935 home. Maybe in the next house. But they'll be out of style by then! Because I don't plan on moving ever!

  8. Wow!!!....You are one talented family...those wood vehicles are amazing!....he is truly an artisan and so are you...Just love those barn doors..it is no wonder that your daughter in law was over the moon happy!

  9. Wow! That door is so great! I would love one for our master bath too. We have a pocket door now, that is very heavy... let's just say you have to really have to want to close the door... it's a workout! The barn door looks so farm chic and probably glides like a dream! The toys are little works of art too... what a blessing for the lucky kiddos who receive them... ~julie

  10. My oh my is this a beauty. You have one talented man. The vehicles he makes are amazing. If he wanted to he could make some good money. Maybe he should open an Etsy shop


  11. I love it! My sister-in-law had one installed for her bath when they remodeled. Your husband is extremely talented! The vehicles are incredible and yes, I'm sure they take many hours to create.


  12. I am sure that your DIL is thrilled. I know from watching my hubby take apart a pallet that that is no easy adventure. At least ours wasn't anyway. Each board was hammered into place by a twisted nail and I couldn't bring myself to ask him to do it all again. So my hat goes off to your hubby for his talent and his patience!