Thursday, 14 May 2015

What's blooming...or not

This is a favourite of mine the Flowering Almond Bush and one that always
blooms for Mother's Day!

Here NE of Toronto , the gardens are not too far along yet. So I have been
busy edging.....

I have 6 perennial beds and this is the best time for edging ...and weeding and
removing dead ...didn't make it through the winter....plants.

One of the beds just to the east is  sheltered by a large hedge as in this photo.

Love the begonia basket a dear friend gave me for my Bday......It's the only bit
of colour here.

Then over to the side of the driveway you see the plants are slowly popping out of the
ground. I planted many perennials last this bed ... Hoping they survived..

Yes not only have I been edging but I finally painted the fences the background.

There is another perennial bed to the right and behind the other fence to the right of this picture.

Do you see the hostas are just starting to show.......

One lonely tulip left in the front just under the Flowering Almond.

                      Hope everyone has a beautiful day enjoying their gardens....

                                         Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You have some nice flower beds and garden art. I like the white fence. It looks like you live in the country like I do. I must get out and do some weeding in my south flower bed. It's not looking great and the dandelions are popping up. I'm disappointed my forget me nots didn't do well over the winter but I know they'll spread. I have a purple aster that has a huge dandelion in the centre of it. I think that will all have to go!! Enjoy the long weekend. There's lots to do this time of year outside.

  2. Wow! You were right about your garden being behind mine. What a difference in growing zones. Noe that this cold snap is over, it should catch up pretty fast. Have a great long weekend!

  3. Good to see that things are starting to bloom in your area. I know things start later for you there than compared to where I live. It feels like summer here already! Love that pink begonia plant.