Tuesday, 19 May 2015

It's Apple Blossom Time

Hello Friends!

Well if you're keeping up with me with what's growing ...or not...
One week sure makes a huge difference.

A walk around the yard....a couple of acres you will see a huge difference....

It''s Apple Blossom time.     The blossoms are in full bloom....

Our apple trees are loaded...If this is a sign of a healthy crop,
we will have an abundance of Mac's..

Ah love this time of the year.....
That fresh country scent....(smell)....
Tucked away in the barn is Hubbys 49 ford pick up.....

We were out cruising on this beautiful weekend!

Our pear tree is full of blossoms as well.

Looks like there will be an abundance of pears,  better start looking up recipes....

Bought some hanging baskets to drop into my urns.  Do you do that!!

Last year I planted a Hydrangea  ( endless summer)in the front urn.

This was so pretty and then come fall I replanted it into the front garden beside
the front steps.   It's starting to grow and I can't wit to see the blue flowers again.

I also planted last fall a hydrangea tree and it's leaves are also appearing....Yeh!

The shrubs made it through the winter and all is looking good.

We purchased stain for the back deck.  Just waiting now for a dry day and less humid.

Like to have it done before the sunroom gets installed.

Update on the sunroom....it's had it's final measuring and and deposit has been made ...
now the waiting game. We were told 7 weeks so we are into the 4th week....only 3 to go!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Do tell me how does your garden grow?

                                                        Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. You're so lucky to have your very own apple and pear trees in your yard! I think that would be so neat to pick fruit off my very own tree. Spring has definitely arrived at your house. I know you must be so excited to be getting your sunroom built soon. You will have it just in time for summer!

  2. Your trees look so beautiful! What a wonderful yard.


  3. Every year I wish I had fruit trees on my property - even a flowering crab apple would be nice. But for some reason, I don't get it done. Lovely to have that much land to have so many trees.
    And you know I love that photo of the truck peeking through the trees!!!
    Thanks for linking up to Whats Blooming This Week

  4. Love the blossoms! Beautiful! Yes! I drop hanging baskets in my pots! Great idea! The work is done and they drain well!