Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Gardens ..Rain ....

                         Rain rain go away come again another day!

A children's rhyme..non the less I have been singing it for three days......

Look my vegetable garden is under water and the robins are using it to bath in.

On a sunny note I took these pictures of the back and around the side just
to show you that my gardens have finally started blooming.

See Benny in the top left and the upper porch.....yup still waiting for the window store
to come and install our sunroom.....
Mr. WWH has it all prepared with insulated ceiling and painted so white.....

Once the windows and doors are in place then Mr WWH will add the sub floor and
either carpet indoor outdoor berber or......

We also have all the stain for the larger deck but again mother nature isn't allowing that so
the outdoor furniture stays in the barn.

So many outdoor projects, just need a few days of sun.

How's your weather where you are?

Well I won't let the weather dampen my spirits....no way.

                                       Maybe July will be hot and SUNNY!!!!

                                                     Thanks for stopping by!

                  I hope you all had time to stop by Jill's and give her a warm welcome!

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  1. Linda, I hope this isn't going to be the norm for your summer. I think ours was like that last year while Ontario basked in the heat and sunshine. I can't wait to see your new sunroom! You will get a lot of use out of it I'm sure. Hopefully the weather will clear up and things will dry out so you can get your outdoor staining and chores done. Have a good day!

  2. It's endless rain and thunder storms here. The weeds are taking over the gardens and I can't get out to do a thing about it. sigh I'm so glad I moved my veggie garden out of the low ground this year or it would all have been lost. Can't wait to see your new sunroom!

  3. We've been rain free for 24 hours now an the sun is shining. The garden certainly needed the rain, just not a month's worth at one time.
    don't forget to link this on What's Blooming This Week.

  4. Hopefully all the rain you have experienced will make your garden even more beautiful...no rain here...just very hot temps!!