Monday, 1 June 2015


                                 Happy Monday Everyone!

Where has the time gone. It was just Wednesday and now Monday?

I don't know about you but at this time of the year there's so much going on that
I loose track of time and blogging....

Thought I would share with you a painting....well not exactly but I love how it looks.

While changing up my hall vignette from this...........

to this.....................

 I was torn as to what I was going to hang on the wall.

Not liking the picture in this frame anymore I  went to
my studio and pulled out some fabric I had purchased from Ikea some time ago.

Yes that was the answer, Cut a piece to fit the opening and tape it to the cardboard backing.

                                     Ta Da my new artwork.    Pretty impressive Right!!

                           This is my summer look...(for now)          Beautiful roses!

            From this......                                 to                        This.... Awesome!

                                                   This new vignette cost me  $00000.0000

                                 Just love pulling from around the house what I already have.


                                                        Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the light and airy changes.....beautiful and love that fabric Linda!!

  2. Lovely!! And what a brilliant idea to use the fabric!

  3. That is such a great idea! Why didn't I ever think of that before? That looks beautiful. I will never look at fabric the same way anymore now.

  4. It looks really pretty Linda, and I like that old commode stand a lot. The use of the fabric in a frame is a great idea! Pretty!

  5. So pretty. I did this in our old house. It's easy, no money and who doesn't love pretty fabric