Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Nostalgia Co.

49 Ford

   We are off again in our 49 Ford Pickup to Camebridge, Ontario

Come along for a ride to a unique 
Nostalgia store....

                                     Welcome to Southworks Outlet Mall!

                          Located in the historic core of Cambridge, Ontario

Of course we took the scenic route and arrived much later then anticipated .
But we did manage to spend our time in the one store we went for.

Can you guess from the picture?   No it wasn't the antiques....this time was for


Here's what greets you as you enter........

Oh my many memories flowed as I walked the aisles.
Our home as a child had a chrome gray table and yellow chairs just
like the one in the top left picture.

Love the turquoise set as well as the booth.
Could you see yourself having just such a kitchen with all the appliances to 
complete this look.

Well look no further than here.
The  tables and chairs started at $1500.00 and were guaranteed for life.

Look at these cute bottle stoppers.....

priced to sell at $9.98.... or

                                              how about a fridge and stove
                                                   salt and pepper shakers

There were so many unique items for sale....
radios, furniture made from car/tuck parts, signs, clocks
machines , jute boxes,,,,,,,many many more.....

                            The original Kit-Cat Klock just $49.99

I purchased a cute Pink Poodle mug as a gift ( can't say or show you who for)...shhhh its a surprise!

                               Do you think you can tell from these pictures what I
                                      brought home?

Well I can show you.....some candy.....the kiddies will love...

A few tea towels with a a nostalgic pattern

                                                     @ $2.99 for a pkg of 6



     The Original KIt-Cat Klock

Here it is hanging on a wall in our Kitchen.......

                                   Well the time got away with us and we knew we had
 a 3 hour drive back and to also stop for another day we will go back just for
\the Antiques.....

                                                Did you guess right??

                                Thanks for stopping by and taking the ride with us.

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  1. You were down in my neck of the woods!!
    Cool Daddio! hahaha!
    Linda :o)

  2. All that is missing is the cast of Grease. lol

  3. That looks like such a fun store to shop in! All of that stuff looked like it was from the 50's (before my time). I love your cute cat clock. I've seen those before on tv. It's so whimsical and retro!

  4. What a great place!...and of course I so love your truck!!

  5. Cute! I go there usually once a month. I have consigned items at Next Time Around and buy furniture paint there sometimes too. Somehow I missed this store. Love your truck and every time I visit your blog that adorable cow painting catches my eye.