Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Happy Canada Day! DIY

                                               Happy Canada Day to all my
                                            Canadian Friends!

Thought I would share with you a burlap pillow
I made for my girls.

Supplies needed:

craft paint, white and red
Maple Leaf stencil
sewing machine
polyester stuffing
cotton fabric for pillow insert

I cut my fabric 20 x 20 "

4" on each side I painted my red border stripe
in the centre I painted on the white

While that was drying ,
 I cut a 20"x 10" x 2 for my pillow insert
Sewed all the edges leaving an opening to stuff with the polyester stuffing.

Then I stuffed it full and stitched it closed.

Now back to the burlap.

I centred my maple leaf  stencil on the white and proceeded to paint it in with my red paint..
Then while it was drying I cut another piece of 20 x 20" burlap for the backing.
I folded the fabric in two and cut , now having two seperate pieces
I did the same with the painted piece of burlap.
Now I have 2 pillows.

Sewed the right sides together leaving an opening at one end and inserted the
pillow form.
Then I folded the ends in and stitched close to the edge......

There you have it I now have two pillows, but in my case I made 4.

                                                   I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

                       From my home to yours Happy Canada Day!



  1. Those pillows turned out lovely! So nice and I love the soft colors.

    Happy holiday to you!

  2. Wonderful ! Happy Canada Day to you to !

  3. Happy Canada Day to you! I'm not a Canadian, but I love your pillows. You always amaze me with what you create.

  4. What a terrific idea!! I bet your girls loved them!

  5. They look great! I made a white denim one a few years ago and still enjoy using it. Happy Canada Day (a bit late!)

  6. I hope you had a great Canada Day, and your DIY pillow is so cute and clever!