Tuesday, 30 June 2015

An ordinary Porch becomes a 3 Season Sunroom

                                                Welcome Friends!

This has been a long project in the making but I can finally share our beautiful

So sit back and enjoy our journey as we transform an ugly duckling into a
beautiful Swan.

When we purchased our home some 6 years ago on the back of the house were
2 decks. An upper that at one time was closed in with screening and a large lower deck.

First let's look at the before pictures.

A fun porch no walls, beautiful scenery , large posts  very open and a mosquito heaven.

Beware many pictures to follow:

Let the construction begin.

 Mr WWH started removing beams back in April

 Then the railings.......

Then the framing started.....you see the new wood where the railing was. This was to prepare for
the windows.There was quite a lot of prep work prior to the windows being installed.
Next comes the ceiling

Seen in the above picture there was no ceiling just a roof. Mr WWh installed a steel
roof on the porch last year.

Mr WWH has the railings temporarily screwed to keep the dogs from falling off.

Then up went the r12 insulation covered by 6mil. poly(plastic)
I painted the pine tongue and grooved slats and he installed them.

We have a insulated ceiling.....Now to paint the inside white before the windows arrive.

Quite the view!

Then the day came.......

They arrived to do all the capping with aluminum....

Railing  still temporary in place.

The windows have arrived!
This unit is comprised of a frame with 3 windows.

Window 1 goes into place....
 screwed down.

Next # 2 window.....
Again this frame has 3 windows

next window #3

The last frame has 2 windows

Lastly the door gets installed

As you can see on the door the windows stack when they are open .
The wall windows do the same and then it becomes a screened in porch.

Did I happen to mention that the windows are not glass!!
Flex vinyl glazing more durable than glass.

I see Benny!!!

Next Mr.WWH went to work on the floor
installing blue SM styrofoam insulation.

                                             Then he added a sub floor


Lastly comes the carpet. He laid gray indoor outdoor.. Made sense..easy clean
up and if the windows are left open and it rains.........

Well the time has come for the upper deck to reveal it's beauty!

                     Cozy even on a rainy day!! Fergus seems to be making himself right at home!

                                    What's great about this room is that the furniture stays...
                                     no lugging it into the barn for over the winter months.
                                         I can see a Christmas tree and decorations
                                                        here can't you!!

                                 You all know me by now that the decor will be changing
                                                  up season to season.......

                                       Hmmmm another chair, a small table....a carpet..
                                             floating shelves for books on the house wall.
                                                      If you happen to come calling you
                                                             know where I'll be.

                              I know we will get many years of enjoyment out of this room.

                                         Next a new look on the lower deck !

                                                Be sure to come back now!


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  1. Oh wow! It's beautiful! I love how big the windows are, going all the way down to the floor! You have a wonderful view too. It looks so tranquil. I know that was a lot of work, but well worth the it. You also just added more value to your home! I would stay out there a lot too.

  2. Linda, this is a wonderful addition to your house and lifestyle too. It's something I've always wanted. You will have fun times in your new space for 3 seasons and also, as you said, fun decorating it. And yes, I can see a little Christmas decor and lights out there too! Enjoy!

  3. Linda, What a wonderful room. I am sure you will enjoy this space for many years.

  4. Linda I LOVE your new sunroom...the windows are beautiful!! I know you will be spending A LOT of time out there!

  5. I love it wonderful work and I do love the decor as well oh I bet you will be spending a lot of time all year long in this wonderful sun room I know I would ! Thanks for sharing and awesome photos of it all , Have a Happy Canada Day .

  6. Great finished project!
    Kudos to you and Mr WWH....
    I love my screened porch at the cottage...but you will def enjoy this....A LOT!
    Happy Canada Day....thanks for your visits to mine...
    Linda :o)

  7. It's fantastic!! I can see you spend tons of hours in there!!