Monday, 29 June 2015

Wooden Canada Day Flag DIY

With Canada Day fast approaching I wanted to share with you the Canada Day Flag that
I made from left over pine ceiling slats.

My daughter showed me a wooden flag that she had just purchased and I
knew I had the supplies on hand to make my own.

So I gathered up my supplies and went to work.

My flag measures 17" x 12 "
I glued 4 of the pine slats together
Made a stencil of a Maple Leaf

Since the pine was already painted I only had to add  the red paint to the sides  and then stencil
on the Maple Leaf

Once it dried I gave it a light sanding to make it look worn and weathered.

Then used good old paste wax to give it a finished look.

Added the stake and gave it a light paint of red .

The cost was $0. Had all the supplies on hand.

                                                           Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love it! I've made these in the past and sold them in my booth. Don't know why I didn't get around to it this year. Oh yeah, June has been incredibly busy..
    Happy Canada Day!!

  2. Happy Canada Day! I love this idea. Maybe I'll do something similar for next year. Found you at Wow Us Wednesday.