Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rug Hooked Pillow

Welcome friends...wanted to share with you my latest pillow...

I know lately I've been on the pillow kick...but can you really have too many pillows?

I had seen these rug hooked pillows in many high end stores and they were very pricey and I
knew with my rug hooking skills that I could hook one just like that or even better
design one for myself.

So last fall I did just that .

On Natural Linen  I drew out my pumpkin pattern with a sharpie pen.

Then I pulled out all my supplies.

I use nothing but 100% wool that I have washed and felted then  I cut into strips using my Frazer cutter. Once cut they look like strings.

                                            Fabric Cutters

I went with oranges, browns, creams, whites, greens, golds, reds .

                                              I started hooking this pillow last fall.


Then like most times, I stop give my hands a rest and go onto another project.

I had forgotten that I had even started this pillow till one day my DIL asked
me to show her how to rug hook.

When I went to my basket of supplies I came across this pillow that I had started....

Ok Linda, it's time to get back at this and finish before this fall season starts.

Rug Hooking FramesSometimes I use a hoop (like above pic) but most time I hook off a lap frame similar to this.

Once it's hooked I spray it with water and then with a cloth I iron it flat.

This one is 16"x 16" and I backed it with a burlap to give it a country feel.


Knowing that I have designed and  hooked this pillow it's worth tenfold .

                                         It's definitely ONE OF A KIND!

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of this newest pillow!

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                                                    I would love it if you stop by !


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  1. Beautiful job! Glad you found it and finished it...
    Looks like a lot of hard work...and...just in time for Autumn's arrival!
    Enjoy your week, Linda...
    Linda :o)

  2. I can't imagine anyone being able to do this by hand. Wow! You are very talented. It is so very pretty!

  3. Your pillow turned out lovely. I'm probably one of the few people that doesn't like pillows in the house. I have 2, one hand made by one of our daughters and the other a litlle pillow gift from another daughter. That is about all that I can tolerate.

  4. That is so pretty! I love the look of it since it's hooked. It has texture that way. You saved yourself a lot of money making it yourself.

  5. Wow...impressive work and very pretty pillow!!!

  6. Oh that is a gorgeous pillow Linda! I love the colours and of course, a pumpkin and sunflower are perfect for fall.

  7. So pretty! I also rug hook and I also have a project that I have in the waiting. I need to get back at it. Your pillow is beautiful and having made it yourself makes it priceless! Glad your DIL is picking up the art!

  8. You're amazing! Your hands never stop. While I'm sifting through emails and blogs, you're on your way to making a gorgeous pillow or shawl or hat or.....the list is endless.

  9. What a wonderful skill to have. I love how you and I are kindred spirits about starting a project and finishing it much much later. lol It's certainly a beautiful work of art to enjoy. What a lucky DIL to have you pass on your talent.

  10. Cute - and no, one can never have too many pillows lol

  11. I love it....as always, you did a beautiful job.