Sunday, 27 September 2015

With Heavy Heart Saying Goodbye!

                                                         Rest In Peace!
                                                 March 2008- September 2015

I pondered on whether or not to write this post..this very hard post.....

You see our sweet Fergus is gone to heaven!

It all happened so fast....I'm in shock how fast....One day he's chasing Benny and
running around like a wee pup and the next ....

It all started Wednesday.  We were out for the evening and came home to a mess on
Fergus's bed. His bed was covered in mucus..and water...

Oh the poor dear....we thought that he had eaten something out side that had made him sick.

We have all kinds of animals that roam through our 2 acreage.
I cleaned us his bed and we turned in for the night but before I noticed that he hadn't ate.
His food was still in his dish.

Then Thurs came....he got up as usual and went outside with Benny. Nothing seemed
out of the ordinary.  Till he came in then the vomiting started. Green bile.

This has happened before and led us to believe that he had eaten something he shouldn't have.

So I boiled some rice...This always settles their stomach.    A couple of hours passed. He laid on the stairs by the front doors keeping watch like always  and then the dinner hour came. Oh Oh he had
been sick again this time bile and rice.

Not looking good. We kept him comfortable and he laid on my lap as always while watching the
TV. No crying out in pain...No signs of discomfort.......
But when it was time to climb the stairs for bed he seemed very weak. Wil carried him
up to bed.
He scurried under our bed (that was not abnormal) and we were down for the night.
Now it's Friday morning...we rose and I called the Benny and Fergus to go out and only Benny came.

We knew then that something was terribly wrong. Called the Vet and went in to find that
he had no temperature...had good hydration ...but he was tender on his belly.
Our Vet was away that day and I felt uneasy with this new vet ...not very compassionate...
They did some blood work and asked us to stay for the results.

I took Fergus out to the car where Wil and Benny were and he seemed very happy to go.

Then after it seemed like forever the vet came back in to tell me that he had Kidney failure.....
His blood counts were so off the wall....WHAT!    are you sure...Ok then put him on antibiotics and we will bring him back in .....It's not the simple Mrs C. he has to stay here and we will give him intravenous and monitor him for the next three days ...then do ultra sound and see how much longer
Fergus has.......

How can that does ones kidneys just fail...There were no signs...he drank as usual.
had regular movements and urinated the same.......

I kept running these questions over and over in my mind....I went out to the car and brought back
Wil, Fergus and Benny in. Had the Vet repeat herself and Wil was just as stunned as I was....

Are you sure?? We kept asking .......She tells us that he may have been born with bad kidneys...
and with age it's progressed.....

Fergus was only 7.

With all these tests and procedures this was only  going to tell us how long he has and the severity.
We couldn't do this to this cute little guy that was so scared of people right from and early age
he ran and hid when strangers entered out home.
How could I leave him here all weekend by himself ......

We had to make one hard decision ........We won't let our dogs suffer.....Who knows how
long he had already suffered .............Time to let go!

                                      We love you Fergus!

FERGUSFergus and Benny




  1. I am so sorry for your loss.


  2. Linda I am so sorry to hear about Fergus...I know how hard this is for you! Thinking of you xo

  3. So so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby. He is only a year younger than Miss Bailey.

  4. Linda, I know how heavy your heart is for your sweet fur baby. We just lost our Ben, a golden we had had for 14 years. It's been so hard and i know you are grieving....prayers and thoughts of love for you. Lynn @ the Vintage Nest

  5. Linda... knowing your love for your dogs has left you with a heavy heart think back to all the fun times with Fergus.
    Hugs to you both!!

  6. So sorry you had to make that decision. We lost our much loved kitty a couple of months ago. It's so hard to make that decision, but sometimes it's the right thing to do. Hugs.

  7. Soo sorry for your loss . It is a hard decision I know but we do have to think of the animals and not our selves at this point . Prayers and thoughts for you all !

  8. Oh, Linda....I am ao very sorry! Tears are streaming down my face as I'm reading this. Fergus was such an adorable little Westie baby. I am so sorry for your loss, and I'm glad I saw this post because I haven't been blogging much due to homeschooling Shelley!

    At least the little guy isn't suffering, and I do believe that our fur babies go to heaven.

    (((((hugs))))) from Alabama,
    Ricki Jill

  9. Difficult times, Linda...
    You did the right thing....RIP Fergus..♥️

  10. you made the best decision even though it was so terribly hard. He knew that you cared and loved him, and he had several loving years with you.. you will miss his presence, but time does heal a little bit.. thinking of you and sending warm hugs from over the pond.. Janzi

  11. How sad to read this post Linda, I know you did the right thing for Fergus. We had to do the same last January for our lovely Shadow. He will live on in your hearts forever.

  12. Poor Fergus. I'm sorry for your loss Linda. You did the right thing though so he didn't suffer anymore. Take care. Hugs.

  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. Fergus was taken too young!!! I hope the fun times and happy memories will keep him in your heart.