Friday, 6 November 2015

Beautiful Colours

                      Hello friends old and new!  Hope everyone's week has  been great!

I'm sharing with you today the finished project that I started a few weeks back.

Remember this basket of Stylecraft Spechial DK yarn and I asked if anyone had any
idea's of what I was about to create.

Yes a few of you said Granny Squares and yes you were right. But only one granny square.

Made up of these luscious colours I created one large square.

36 " x 36" great size for a baby blanket. I have been making baby blankets for the future
grand babies.  No there are none in the immediate future.... just being prepared.

Crocheting in this soft yarn the hours just fade away and I forget that I have a
back problem. When I rise I get excruciating pain in my lower back.
Yes I'm still suffering with my sciatic and piriformis muscle act up. When they go into spasm mode
I feel crippled. Then I sit either with a cold pack followed by a hot pack to ease the pain.
I have tied physio,chiropractor and now acupuncture.

I have had lumbar xrays and know I have degenerated disc decease.  But no one has said that
a disc is the problem of my flare ups. ???????

I feel for those with chronic pain.

Anyhow that's enough about me.....

I'm so pleased on how this turned out.

Do you see my wee fur baby. He's never to far out of my sight.

For any of you that knit or crochet I personally recommend DERAMORES .
An online shop in the UK.

These balls of yarn came the other day. Stylecraft Special Dk all the way from the UK.

Any suggestions on the next baby blanket?

                        Thanks for following along,

                      Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

*just to let you know that I am not compensated for this post*


  1. Linda, I am so sorry that you are still suffering with back issues. Chronic pain is not fun and I hope you can find some relief. Has a doctor ever suggested surgery? In the meantime, you are creating some beautiful things with your hands. This baby blanket is so pretty and colourful. Take care and have a good weekend.

  2. All such pretty colours ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  3. I'm sorry you're still in so much pain. I've been having laser therapy on the scar tissue in my lower back and it's helping a bit. Stretching, stretching, stretching is the only thing that works for me. Thank God for yoga - it hurts but helps.I wish I could give you an answer - it's horrible to live in constant pain!!
    As for the blanket - gorgeous! (and you need to be compensated for all the love you are sending out for that company in England).

  4. Hoping your back pain eases up for you. Love the big Granny square blanket, it turned out lovely. The colours of the next6 blanket look lovely. Have a good weekend.

  5. Your blanket looks so pretty! I'm always impressed with people that can make those. I know it must take hours of work. Hopefully, one day you will have grand babies to give it too. I'm so sorry to hear about your chronic pain. I can empathize with you because I suffer from ankylosing spondilitis. It's an arthritic disease that affects the spine and other areas of your body. Inflammation can attack my organs. Then I have to see a doctor for what organ it affects (when I have a flare-up). Before I was diagnosed with it, I suffered for years (being misdiagnosed) and nothing seemed to work. I was in chronic pain for a long time. Sometimes it would put me in tears. I hope that you can find the right treatment for you. That is so important. Maybe you can have surgery to fix your disk problem. My neighbor did (from an injury) and it helped alot but she still can't be as active as she once was. Don't give up on treatment though. I kept vigilant on getting my problem fixed and it is much better now! I no longer have chronic pain (just flare-ups). I can tolerate flare-ups knowing they are not permanent.

  6. Your baby blanket turned out beautifully! So sorry to hear about your pain but happy that your needlework helps the time pass. I am bothered with sciatica on and off but not to the extent of your pain. Lifting young adults daily at work doesn't help so I look forward to early retirement in hopefully 5 years.