Monday, 9 November 2015

Can't wait to decorate!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend,,,

While out touring in the old 47 p/u we stopped and did some antiquing....
in The Red Barn outside of Peterborough, Ontario.

I meant to take more pictures but I did take one.....

I guess Christmas is on my mind.

So many cute antique decorations in this display case!

Well to my surprise just outside the Red Barn is a small
chalet ......

A Christmas Store!

These carollers greeted us as we entered.

This caught my eye right away.
Made of glass it was a solar light .
Priced at $25.

Hmmm couldn't justify paying that much so on to the next items..

This large star was wrapped in burlap...I have a wired star that I could just copy....maybe!

Fell in love with this sign...but too pricey!

Or how about these ornaments with snow and branches inside...This looks like an easy
copycat.....Love the olive bucket they were displayed in. I must admit I didn't see this bucket till I
downloaded my pictures.....I wonder if it will still be there.....

See any decorations or pics that you might like.....

                                   After seeing this beautiful painting I knew that I'm not
                                          cheap...I'm frugal!

                                  CAN'T WAIT TO DECORATE!

                                        CAN YOU!

                               Thanks for following along,

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  1. I'm certainly thinking about decorating. I bought a couple of little trees for the Christmas village, got the 2015 frames for the grandkids photos, started to arrange the birch logs with the winter birds on them (did this because they aren't really Christmas are they, and can stay up all winter) have been visiting lots of Christmas sales and bazaars, been making my Christmas cards and more. I usually hold off on decorating till December 1, if I can :)

  2. Oh I'm getting the itch to decorate too Linda, but will wait a few more days. Every year I wait until at least the afternoon of Remembrance Day. I think I'll put a few things out after putting non seasonal things away then I get totally carried away with it and before you know it I'm in full decorating mode. I really could wait until December like I used to do. Maybe. :) I don't plan to buy any new decorations but you never know. There is a big craft show this weekend that I'll go to and get some shopping done, hopefully. Have a great week.

  3. Yes, I saw a lot of pretty things there! It's fun to go shopping for inspiration this time of year. I know how crafty you are so you could easily make some of those items. I often take pics when I go shopping too and it's funny what you see in pics that you didn't remember seeing in person!

  4. I love getting out to see inspiration even if it is too pricey for my budget. Love that Santa and snowman print and the stick/greenery/red berry picks.

  5. Love those snow and branch ornaments. I can't wait to get all the decorations out. But last year I was on the home tour and had to have everything done by the last week of November. So this year, I can breathe a bit and wait till December. We have a dinner party here on the 5th, so some of the decorations will be done by then. But the tree will wait till the following weekend.

  6. I used to go whole hog at Christmas with the decorating but now I just do a bit of decorating and have a small tree now . I am going to our little towns annual Christmas craft show in a few weeks so that is always fun so much talent and wonderful crafts .Lovely photos looks like a great place ! Thanks for sharing , I love the pointing . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. I love visiting the beautiful shops that are so wonderfully dressed for Christmas...lots of inspiration....and yes, hoping to create the same for less!

  8. What a lovely shop and it's almost time to start the Christmasing! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)