Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas Home Tour 2

 Welcome friends to day 2 of our home tour!

The front bench decorated with cedar and pine and old man winter co operated with covering
a small blanket of snow!

Our front urn is filled with greenery found along the trails we use for biking.
Just a twist in our urn this year using a small pine tree as the focal point.
I hung some red decorations keeping with my red and white theme that I'm using
through out the house.

Let's go in shall we.

Up the few stairs past the living room and into our kitchen,

The red and white continues through out with red stripe ticking napkins that I made here.

The cereal bowls are from Presidents Choice line and the red plates from Peir 1 as well as
the large white plates.
I believe the red chargers are from Pier 1 as well.
I never get tired of my drop cloth table runner or the drop cloth ruffled chair pads .

I had found antiquing last year that large ironstone bowl and I filled it with 3 Poinsettias.

Beside the table sits our antique hutch. I painted that white and have filled it with my
collection of red and white transferware dishes.

I've had this cute wee reindeer for many years long before the 
Deer  became so popular.

Cute Santa mugs from the dollar store filled with bottle brush trees.

Chalkboard gets decorated as well!

I've created a cozy Christmas with lots of red and white with antique touches throughout!

Let's go down the hall where here at the end I've crated a vignette on a antique washstand.

Left we will enter the guest room

                                                Antiques fill this room!
             I love to display my quilts that I have made over the years and hang them on this ladder
                                                that once was my Dad's.

                                      A cute display in the bedside lamp!

                                       Next the Master Bedroom

                          But first I wanted to share with you this beautiful view out
                           our master bedroom window. This is why we moved to the country.

                                                 All is calm!

                               Can you see who's peeking through the pillows?

Now let's go back down the hall and down the steps that leads to our Great Room.

                                    Cozy by the fire, again quilts scattered around to bundle
                                                      up with. Antiques displayed throughout!

                              His and Her chairs......In the background my hubby proudly displays
                                 the  wooden vehicles that he makes over the winter months

                             Now here's a tree that you would not expect to see!!

                                          Yes it's white!

                       This Peacock decoration is new this year !

A  bit of whimsy!

Thanks for coming along on this Christmas Home Tour!

Again I stress to love what you have !

You don't need large expensive  decor
to make a home feel stunning!

I'm hoping you will find some inspiration in my wee
country home!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Your front yard looks so pretty with the snow everywhere! We rarely have snow here in December so I always love seeing Christmas decorations in the snow. I really like your warm red touches throughout. It all looks very cozy. I love that cute deer on wheels too.

  2. All so very pretty and cozy . Wonderful photos of it all to 1 Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. It's all simply lovely, including the view and the peek a boo dog! I could move right in.

  4. Your home is lovely, from the cute bench nestled in the river rock outside right through to the great room. You got quite a bit more snow than us just a few hours away, but we seem to get missed a bit more than those around us. That looks to be a huge ironstone bowl at your lovely table. The hutch is lovely in white and that is a great collection of red and white transferware. So far I have only been able to find one small red and white creamer but I'm looking. I believe we have the same kitchen appliances. I have been thinking of adding a wood top to our breakfast bar and now seeing your wood island top I think I'm going to have to do it.
    I'm sure you know that the quilts caught my eye. They are lovely and so pretty on the beds too. How great that your husband has a hobby for the winter months, and he appears to be quite talented too. I'm hoping to work a bit more on updating our basement tv room, our bedroom and guest room as next year's projects. Now I'm inspired to finish a quilt that I have pieced together as well. Oh, and I see your crochet projects handy beside what has to be your chair. Thanks for the lovely tour and the inspiration, Linda!

  5. You are way ahead of me, Linda!
    Got my tree up today...
    Your place looks very cosy...enjoy!
    Linda :o)

  6. When you posted part one, I didn't realize you had opened your house for a tour. I did it last year and it is exhausting. But the good thing is that it's all done now.
    Love, love, love the guest room. I was at Quilts, etc. the other day humming and hawing over a Christmas coverlet. Should have bought it for my guest room. But I was in Halifax and couldn't bring it home on the plane. I had already bought boots!

  7. Linda everything is gorgeous, love your hutch filled with red transferware. My favorite, however, when I scrolled down and saw your guestroom I was in awe. I looked and noticed the little fur baby. Truth be told I thought it was a toy until I read your note about who sneeked in the picture. Couldn't get any cuter. I was giggling saying you dope you should have known it was real, LOL, forgive me


  8. Linda, your home looks so pretty and cozy decorated for Christmas. I love how neat and tidy your bedrooms are! LOL Our spare room is a catch all and I'm working on that now. The family room looks so cozy and I love the white tree. Your husband's beautiful wooden 'toys' are true treasures. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us!

  9. Wow!! Every single thing is perfect! Love that guest room, and the family room looks so cozy with the fire. Beautifully done!!