Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas in the Hamptons

                                       Merry HoHoHo!!!

                                Merry Christmas Everyone!

           Christmas is just 2 days away, and we are all in the Christmas spirit but
                                 it doesn't feel like Christmas here in
                        Toronto, Ontario with temperatures ranging
                         in the 50's for our US friends and 11c for
                                       our Canadian friends.

                                          NO SNOW!!!! 

But do I have a surprise for you........

We put on our coats and even brought our fur baby Benny , through the fog we travelled and hour
                            to see the most spectacular display of lights......

                We won't let the weather interfere with our Christmas Spirit!


           Now  remember that these photos are taken at night  and in the fog.....

                                    Here are just a few.......

                              Up and down the streets of Hampton, Ontario.

There were so many cars lined up to view these amazing homes decorated beyond belief.

I tried to capture this one home that had search lights in their front yard and icicle lights that
were dripping off the trees....... my pictures don't do it any justice. You had to be there!!

                             And bigger than life a TV on the roof playing Frozen!

                         We did try to find the Griswold's house....

                                                Maybe next year!


 From Our Home to Yours

                                                    MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                                         Now this is more like it SNOW!!

                               Well maybe not this Christmas but soon I hope!!


  1. Merry Christmas Linda! I hope you get the snow you want-you are very welcome to ours here in Colorado. I love it, but it is easier to get around in when it is just a dusting. Loved seeing all the homes lit up!
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. We used to go there every year!!! My kids call it Fairyland.

  3. 15C here in Southwestern Ontario near lake Erie . Definitely not feeling like Christmas with this warm weather ! Lovely photos . Hope you have a very Merry Christmas !

  4. How fun! I love looking at houses lit up at night during Christmas. I get some good ideas that way too. When you said Christmas in the Hamptons, I thought of the famous Hamptons area outside of NYC on the coast! Hope you had a great Christmas today.

  5. I love looking at Christmas lights and that is something we haven't done this year at all. These homes really must have been beautiful to see. We went to Hampton, NB for Christmas dinner. :) And then I got the flu. ;( Doing better. Happy New Year to you! Blessings, Pam

  6. So pretty. I never tire at looking at Christmas lights. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos Linda. Merry Christmas to you.