Monday, 21 December 2015

Last Minute sweets.....

                            Oh the Hustle and Bustle of Christmas!

               Hello friends! Well the crunch is on...
Presents are wrapped and under the tree, baking is done and you get to put your feet up now
and enjoy some quiet time.......
Then it hits you ...

Just in case you need one more treat...........

Marshmallow Pops!

Young and old will love this sweet treat!

So easy to prepare!

Bag of large marshmallows
sucker sticks
3 cups of chocolate chips melted in a double boiler

                        Place marshmallow on stick then dip into hot melted chocolate
                        add sprinkles and set them in a styrofoam block to hold them upright
                         while they harden.   (I used a upside down styrofoam soup bowls that
                              I punched holes in  ) set them in the frig to harden.

             Once hardened I  dropped them into a sucker bag and wrapped them with
                                                                    bakers twine....

                  These easy to prepare Marshmallow pops were quite the hit last year!



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  1. Oh they look YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing , Have a Merry Christmas .

  2. What an easy yet pretty treat! I love how you wrapped them individually. Those would be nice to hand out to the kids this Christmas! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. Linda I love how you wrapped them, they're so pretty! I want to do this.

  4. I search all over for dark chocolate covered marshmallows...but now you gave me the inspiration to make my own!...Merry Christmas to you and your family Linda!

  5. Looks great! Will try it next year! Have enough goodies already!

  6. Super cute!! The grandkids will love these! And so much easier than those dreaded cake pops. I once spent most of an afternoon trying to make them without any success - they just kept flopping off the sticks. Its not often I have such a major fail!

  7. These are super cute and easy. Forget the kids, I'll down quite a few. Merry Christmas to you and your family


  8. I haven't made marshmallow pops for ages. Thanks for the reminder. They will be a great treat to make when the grandkids come as they love to bake and make things.