Monday, 14 December 2015

Painting a Red and White Quilt Block DIY

Hello friends!

As many of you know I quilt or in past tense quilted. I have made so many quilts over
the years and now I wanted  to share with you my latest quilt block.

This one is not made of fabric but is painted the same way that I would piece together
a quilt block.

I have always loved red and have made many red and white quilts and have them on display
in our guest room.

 So I thought it would be fun to paint one of my favourite blocks.

My inspiration for this block came from Moda Modern Building Blocks pattern.

                                            See the block in the top right hand corner!

This block in the pattern is 30" x 30".

Mine would be 15 " x  15" complete.

So let's get started shall we.
16" x 20" Artist Canvas
Red craft paint
White craft paint
a ruler
a pencil

First I found the centre of my canvas and then measured 2 1/2 inches in on both sides
Knowing that my finished block would be 15" x 15" I started drawing out my pattern.
Each block measuring 2 1/2 inches
there would be 6 blocks across
and 6 blocks down.
Lightly I drew in my blocks so I would have a pattern to paint on.

My first block in white 2 1/2 " the next block 2 1/2" half square triangle. When piecing a HST
fabric you would place a coloured 2 1/2 " red block on top of the 2 1/2 " white block and draw a line down the centre. Then sew a 1/4" seam down each side of the line then cut on the centre line.
press open your fabric and there you have a block half red and half white.

Making any sense... like mud right!!

Once my pattern was laid out I started painting in the red blocks first.
The once dry I filled in the white.

Lots of patience and determination on my part.

The rest of the canvas I painted white.

Then I had my hubby cut me out a rustic frame. Painted it black again with my craft paint
then once dry he attached it to the canvas with screws.

There are many variations of the Ohio Star quilt block!

I have collected many patterns and books over the years.

Here are a couple that were my favourites!

This was me at one time!!

Find inspiration among many books.

                                     Here is where we hung this block!
                                               In our guest room!

                                              Fitting don't you think!

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  1. Wow! I love that! I thought it was a real quilt piece framed at first. I love it on the wall above your guest bed too. It coordinates perfectly with the bedding.

  2. Your quilt square found the perfect home in your guest room! I love how it turned out. I enjoyed seeing how you painted it.

  3. Such lovely work ! I like hand made quilts so cozy they are ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. So beautiful...and it looks great hanging over the bed with that wonderful quilt! Merry Christmas!

  5. Love it! I've never been a quilter (not precise enough), but truly admire those that do. I might actually be able to do quilt like this though. Around here we have the Quilt Trail, do you? Buildings around the area have huge quilted painted on the sides to direct people to interesting locations. It's so homey feeling.

  6. Wow my friend what patience you have for sure. Just the measuring you had to do would've made me walk. It turned out fantastic. Love the little image on the bottom