Friday, 11 December 2015

A Surprise Came in the Mail!

I wanted to share with you the sweetest gift that I received in the mail.

Oh I get sooooo excited when the postman comes with a package, especially one that
I didn't order.

I took off the paper and here sits this cute box and as I opened it


Under all that beautiful wrapping ..................

Was decorated beyond my belief, a Christmas Fruitcake !

Now lets just step back a little and let me share what a wonderful baker she is...

I'm sure your all aware by now who I'm referring to.......

                              Heather @ New House New Home..... 

If you follow her you will know what I'm talking about. Not only does she bake she
gardens and paints and.... I could go on and on..

But don't just take my word for it drop by and see for yourself.

Go to the above link and find the recipe for this Christmas Fruitcake!!

I can't wait to try a slice...Come on Christmas!!

Thanks so much Heather for being my friend and for this sweet gift.


  1. What a pretty and YUMMY 1 gift to get in the mail . Lovely photos of it to ! Thanks for sharing , I will pop over to her blog and have a peek ! Have a good weekend !

  2. What a sweet gift! I will have to go check out her blog. She sounds like a very talented lady.

  3. You are too sweet, my friend. And I can honestly say you are a true friend. How lucky I am to have discovered your sweet blog!
    I hope you enjoy the fruitcake. I'm still nurturing mine with a bit of rum every few days. We'll be serving a ton of it this weekend when we have our big family party - my parents love it, so they'll be getting their own little cakes to take home.