Thursday, 7 January 2016

Happy New Year and a Blogging Break!

Hello friends hope everyone is enjoying this glorious New Year so far!

You know when your health is not good and you are in much pain that it's time
to take charge and take care of yourself.
That's just what I'm going to do.

Last August I posted about my health issues taking one day at a time,

Since my last post I have had numerous treatments on my back regarding
my sciatica or though they thought that's where all the pain was coming from.
My Physiotherapist gave me acupuncture as well as laser treatments and other means of helping me tolerate the pain,

To no avail I got worse. When your Physiotherapist and Chiropractor tell you that
they can no long help you and you've dropped $1500.00 it's time for an MRI.

I've asked my doctor back in June for an MRI and she insisted that it was only sciatic related.

Finally in November she took heed and ordered me an MRI. I had to wait till January 2, 2016.
Well my results came in....
My Doctor being away the acting physician called me with the results and you could have
blown me over.

I had no idea......after all this time it was not my sciatic...

I have Lumbar Spinal Stenosis .  Narrowing of the canal around my spinal cord....
The nerve pain runs down my leg from my butt into my ankle then into my foot.
It's a very excruciating pain. Can't sit for any time or stand or walk without pain.

It's progressively worsened and I hope I have not damaged the nerves in any way.

So now I wait to see a Orthopedic Spine Specialist. They tried me on nerve pills back in
November and I had a bad reaction to them. So I'm only taking xtra strength Tylenol every 4 hours.

I had so many projects planned for the new year and wanted to share our Newly renovated Main Bathroom but all this has come to a halt.

I'll be dropping in on my good days to visit you all.

Thank you all for visiting me and leaving your beautiful comments. I have made so
many friends blogging and Love you all!!

                                           much love


  1. On my I do hope they can get all this sorted out for you . Hope all goes well and you aren't in pain any more . Take care my friend .

  2. Wow, this sounds awful. I will keep you in prayer.

  3. Oh sad to hear this...hoping for good news at the next Dr...
    Do stay in touch...
    Linda :o)

  4. I'm SO sorry to hear about how much chronic pain you've been dealing with. I have suffered from chronic pain before about 10 years ago. I saw a lot of different doctors and to no avail too. I finally saw a rhumetologist which diagnosed me with a an arthritic disease of the spine and it can also wreak havoc with other organs in my body due to the high level inflammation I deal with. I was put on meds and am MUCH better. However, I still have problems that I shouldn't. I'm considering going on a biologic medicine like Humira. I will be discussing it with my doctor next week. The only good thing about my condition is that it no longer causes chronic pain. It causes "flare-ups" instead. So I can be going about my usual business and then suddenly have a flare-up. I see 3 different specialists for my condition. Is there a surgical procedure that you can have done to help you? You don't want to just "mask" the symptoms with drugs forever if you don't have to. I feel for you. If noone has ever had chronic pain before that can bring them to tears, then they do not really know what you're going through. I'm so sorry. I hope that the doctors will find the best treatment for you soon. I would look it up on the internet too and try to educate yourself about the condition. That's what I've done with mine and it helps knowing all the options and that other people suffer with it too. You are not alone!

  5. Oh Linda, you take care of yourself! Sending good thoughts your way...

  6. This sounds so upsetting that you have been under so much pain and it took so long to finally diagnose you...I hope that the spine specialist will have a fast and successful outcome for you!...Take care of yourself and will be thinking of you!!

  7. Linda,so very sorry for your pain! I will send prayers your way! Hopefully ! A solution will come soon!! Take care!

  8. I'll be saying lots of prayers for your health Linda. I'm a big believer in prayer and just from my few experiences with injury I know how it can mess up our lives. Hang in my friend!

  9. As sorry as I an to hear about the stenosis, I'm glad you now have a correct diagnosis. I hope they are able to treat it and give you lasting relief.