Friday, 12 February 2016

Keeping warm

                         Hello friends, I know it's been awhile.....

Just thought I'd stop in it's being a long, long time.........

We have been having some cold days here ...snowy days...then some  beautiful springlike
days....It's like we're being tested....

Considering this year is much milder and less snow than last.

Benny was walking at the same level as our fence last year at this time. We had been bombarded
with snow and yet this year at the same time we have grass showing.

Ya never know .... So what's everyone been up to?

As you can see from the above picture that I have been busy crocheting up a storm.
Or let's say trying to crochet up a storm.  I can only sit for short periods of time then I get
up walk around the house for awhile , then get back at it....
Still waiting on my Surgeons appt. then consultation then operation.

I have so many projects lined up and isn't it just the way life is these days.

                     Isn't this the cutest hat. I found the free pattern @ allabountami

                    Yes you are seeing right cables that are crocheted not knitted!
Just in case you are interested in the yarn I used Loops and Threads and the colour is pumpkin.

Well now that I've got this pattern down pat I have at least 5 more to make.

                                  Hoping spring is just around the corner.



  1. Goodness you have had to wait so long. A friend of mine had knee surgery, just the scope one. She has been miserable since. She decided to go to another surgeon. So she sent him a note with her MRI. Her appointment was Tuesday. The doctor did her surgery the SAME day. He is a top knee surgeon. I never heard of that. Unreal. Then others wait and wait. I hope something happens soon for you. Hugs

  2. I love the seaside colours in our first photo - will you be making hats? Such beautiful shades!

  3. It is a blizzard out here today and down right bitterly cold . Lovely work !Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend and stay cozy and safe .

  4. We headed up the highway last night, all decked out in a red dress for a Valentines dance in London (about 45 minutes away). Got about 2 km outside of town and couldn't see more than 20 feet in front of us - so we turned back and came home!!! Winter in Canada, eh?
    I'm loving the cable pattern on this hat!!! Going to download the pattern so I can make one myself.
    Feel better my friend.

  5. Maybe it's best that you haven't had so much snow this year since you haven't been feeling as well. Seems like too much snow would be a hinderance getting around outside. We haven't had much at all here either. But, that's about the norm for us! Happy crocheting!

  6. Super cute hat...I wish I had the patience to sit with my mom when I was younger to learn how to knit...I could not sit still long enough!