Friday, 1 April 2016

Filling my days creating

Is it spring yet!!!!!

You wouldn't know it here.

We have had so much rain that we have a pool in the yard.

Let's just say that Spring is coming in like a Lion.

We are in for colder days and rain and snow mix.


So I have been spending some time in my brightly lit
studio painting.


I'm no artist just love to create.

I've been watching many utube videos on painting and how relaxing it can be.

So I picked up a couple of good brushes , watercolour paints and great watercolour paper pads.

It's a start!

How about you?

What keeps you motivated on these dull dreary days?

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  1. Well you don't think of yourself as an artist, but I do! I can't draw worth a darn so I doubt I could paint very well either if I was trying to make something look recognizable. Ha! Your artwork is very pretty. Sorry to hear that you're dealing with possible snow this late in the year. We aren't dealing with anything like that, but we have terrible yellow pollen everywhere outside!!!! You can't walk outside without tracking it inside either. I hate it. I can't sit outside on my porch even though the weather is so nice because I have to clean the chairs before I sit in them. Then it's back the next day so it's a waste. Plus I'm having to take allergy medicine to keep my nose from running too much and sneezing. So I guess we all have something that we wish didn't exist right now. Stay warm!

  2. I have some water colors in my studio closet and must remember to bring them out and use them again. Painting is good for the soul. Have a great weekend!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. I really like your flower painting, Linda. Orange and coral are so cheery. It is warm here today but will flip back to cold on Sunday again. Sigh. I just started getting my hopes up that spring weather is here to stay.

  4. It may not seem springlike outside, but that painting certainly is!! I think you might be dodging snowflakes instead of raindrops today.

  5. So beautiful...I seem to keep busy every day...a rainy day gives me an excuse to stay home and take care of chores!