Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spring??? Mr. WWh in his workshop

               Just when you think winter is behind us...well think again....

                              We woke to 6 inches of snow Monday morning!

              This view is from out our kitchen looking into the sun room.

They say it came from Alberta with another disturbance coming our way later this week!!

Thank goodness we didn't get hit as hard as southern Ontario.

My poor tulips and crocus and daffodils . They were already to flower.

At least the sun is getting stronger and this won't last too long.

Mr.WWH  has been busy in his shop...here are a few of the wooden vehicles that he's made this winter.


Absolutely amazing. The detail, right down to the blades that rotate.

                                               Fokker D7 plane

                                      Peterbilt highway tractor

            The piece above is going to a friend that drove this type of vehicle for years.

                                The love and dedication and long hours that go into his
                       Each piece is cut from skid lumber and sanded to perfection.

                      Hope you are having a fantastic week!

                                           Thanks for following!


  1. I don't think I'd mind the snow as much as this cold we're getting. It is so deceiving to look out the window and see no snow and lots of sunshine then to step outside and feel that cold northwest wind blowing. Brrr. Your husband does such a beautiful job on his woodwork creations. Thanks for sharing them. Have a good week Linda!

  2. Well the snow certainly looks pretty! I know it's just a wee bit late in the year to be getting it though. Hopefully, it won't kill your new Spring buds. This month's weather has been very fickle here too. Hot and sunny one day, coat weather the next. But no snow! We seldom get it anyway. I'm in AWE over your husband's wood creations! he is truly an artist.

  3. Wonderful wood workings . We didn't get that much snow down here in southwestern Ontario ours is gone now , rain for tomorrow +7 temps . It has been a topsy turby month weather wise so far lol lets just hope spring sets in for good soon . Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  4. The weather is crazy everywhere. Your husband does great work.

  5. Hey Linda...
    Your husband is just as talented as you...
    You make a perfect couple...
    We have snow here....yuck!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  6. Beautiful work by Mr WWH. I can't even begin to imagine the patience required! Sorry to see that weather - spring is coming - really!

  7. And I am complaining that the temps are dropping to 32 tonight....wow, snow?.....Certainly has been lots of crazy weather lately.....Your family is so very talented....what magnificent pieces your hubby has created....they look like they belong in a museum...he is so talented...like his better half!

  8. We've got more snow coming today!!! But then rain to wash it away. There's hope!

    I can't even begin to imagine how much work those projects take. Amazing patience and artistry. You're one talented family!