Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Country Living!

Morning Friends!

A Beauty day in the country.

Just to the west of us the horses are grazing. One is full and having a rest while the other
stays close.

My rockery just off the deck is finally showing some colour.

 Our warm weather has just come in the last two weeks.
 Late this year. But it shows this week and on were in for some gorgeous days.

My poppies haven't shown yet! They are late. Maybe have to plant some seeds for next year.

Looks like it needs some thinning out. But not for this girl. Still need back rest.

Love this view! Old barn in the distance. Fields been seeded with corn.
Hubby's barn holds our antique vehicles and their ready to roll.

Just as I'm about to head back in for my morning coffee , chippie appears. Looks like he's
been in the bird feeder again.

                                                    Have a great day!

                                                  Thanks for following along!


  1. You have some beautiful views behind your house! I'm glad to hear that you're finally have nice weather. Good things come to those who wait, right?

  2. Lovely photos . Country living is the best I love it ! Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  3. I agree country living is the best!!!


  4. Love that view!!! Old barns are one of my favourite things about living in the country.

  5. Your property is so beautiful...your views are just gorgeous!