Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Watercolour Paintings....a little of this..a little of that

Hello friends! Hope everyone's weekend was eventful !

I have been in my studio busy painting. I find it so relaxing. Having fun!!

The above watercolour is my first portrait painting of our beloved Max.
He passed three years ago and was such a loved dog and greatly missed.

I'm in love with Magnolia trees, so this one is painted with watercolour pencils.

I call this one Forgotten....I must work on my drawing skills....

The Thistle..worked with watercolour pencils and paint. This one is card size .
Thought I would try my hand at making some painted cards for the unexpected.

Love, love , love Chinese Lanterns, hope mine come back this year!

This one I worked on last night !

Abstract watercolour Geraniums!

I took up this hobby last winter to pass the time while dealing with back issues.
I found that it was so relaxing and my mind would wonder off and the pain was less 

I know my drawing skills need work.... don't kid myself ..It  need lots of work...
but I'm not a Picasso  artist .

Just a gal having fun painting the while away!

Maybe I should take some lessons EH!!

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments!

Have a great day!


  1. Such gorgeous work!! I love all of these, especially Max, and "forgotten". The one you are working on is fabulous too! I'd love to have one like "forgotten"!

  2. Every painting gets better and better, Linda. You've found a hidden talent! I adore the geranium picture!!!

  3. So beautiful Linda....the painting of the lab so reminds us of our beloved Granddog who was the greatest dog!

  4. You are so talented. The painting of Max really pulls at my heart.

  5. Well you may think you're not a Picasso, but I think you're pretty darn close. I don't have a drawing gene in my body! So, I'm always impressed when I see artwork that I can at least recognize. Ha! My dad is a great artist, but that gene did not get placed in me. I don't understand how to make drawings look dimensional.

  6. Such a sweet dog. He looks just like my niece's!