Saturday, 9 July 2016


                                      Happy Saturday Friends!

How are you all keeping cool? It sure has been a hot one.
No complaining here, before you know it Winter's here and the ugly word ...


Well I've been keeping cool in my studio downstairs, painting.

I've seen so many of you with cow paintings I just had to paint one myself.

Acrylic on canvas.  8" x 10" Not too big.

 Old Bessy here is a Holstein.! I like to name my paintings!  A dairy cow!

There are quite a few that roam the fields around our home here in the country.
I just saw fit to paint one.

I just noticed on my walk the other day that our neighbouring farms barn is being dismantled.

That's sad to see. Maybe a new one will go up in it's place.

Must get out today and take some pics and maybe paint me a barn.

                                                        Have a great day!

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  1. I really like you cow but would too intimidated to try and paint one myself. I did successfully manage sheet once but that was at art class with help from the instructor.

  2. I love this painting! I would love to have a painted cow picture for my kitchen. Great job!

  3. You did a great job on that painting. We have cows at the front of our subdivision entrance too. Except I haven't seen them in a while since we're going through a drought and their pasture has dried up!

  4. Love, love it!!!....Beautiful job!!!....Moonificent!

  5. How fabulous! I love this painting - great job Linda!