Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Road tripping!

And we are off on another overnight excursion. This time in the 49 Meteor.

What a smooth ride.

Canada Day Weekend with our friends we headed the back roads to Kingston Ontario.

We never take the straight and narrow.....Highways.....

Love the countryside! So much more to see!

OOOPS!! Of all the things that could have happened to our 67 year old car......

                                Bump,bump, bump.....WHAT'S THAT NOISE!

               A Flat and of course it's raining!!

I'm trying to help out by sheltering them with a Umbrella or two but they weren't interested.....

                          With this handy dandy compressor our spare tire on and ready to go!

The rain stopped and were on our way again. This time towards some civilization.

You see our spare is not a whitewall and over 40 years old so we thought it best to find
a tire store and get a new one.......

                             Forgetting that it's Canada Day and everything is closed.

Oh well we made it to Kingston, Ontario and our hotel. Got settled in and then we were
off to a car cruise in. We like to stop and take a look at the other vintage cars and stop and chat.

Wil thought that maybe someone could give us a tip on where to purchase another whitewall tire.

A few places that they recommended for us on the Saturday were closed. I guess they were taking
advantage of a long weekend as well.  Can't blame them.

The weather turned gorgeous.....no rain, just plenty of sun.

Do you see where we ended up getting a spare and had it installed. At least it was new and we
knew that it would get us back home.

Can you read the sign through the back window?  Canadian Tire!!

Don't you just love these old cars and their roominess!!

Ok we off and running again this time we took in a flea market that we noticed not
far from our Hotel.

Loved this Jug but the price tag was too heafty for me!

Boys will be boys,,,,,fooling around on these electric scooters!

We started back home, taking another route one more used , stopped had lunch at Tim Horton's
then not far, maybe an hour out of Kingston, Ontario we stumbled upon this Large
Antique Mall.  

                                             Karen Brown's Antiques and Collectibles
                                                        in Deseronto, Ontario

Wow, there was plenty to see and buy. Well laid out and clean. That's the kind of store I like.

                                  I'm not one for rummaging through old finds.

                              Can you just imagine a mall of that size and I came home with

Then we stopped in Newtonville, Ontario  at the BA Station. Once a fully operational
service station now becomes a Auction House.

Remember these machines! Coca Cola 10cents.........Am I going too far back for some of you.


                                        Travelling along wide open spaces!

                             Road trips are always great in our vintage vehicles!

                                         Thanks for following along!

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  1. that looked like a lot of fun! I love days like that. Glad you were able to get a new tire! Your old car is so cool! I can tell it has been well taken care of. I've never ridden in a car like that. I wonder how the gas mileage is.