Thursday, 29 September 2016

Fall Classic Car Tour 2016

Come along for a ride with us in our 49 METEOR  as we tour the country roads !

Beautiful scenery, lakes and trees tour!!

We started out Saturday morning at nine am and headed northwest  along with these
classic cars .

I took this picture out the back window!

Along country roads.....looking for fall colour and all it's splendor!

Another pic of one of the cars 47 Chev.......

Like I said trees and lakes in search of colour........

A beautiful window view from the restaurant marina @ Severn Falls, Ontario!
This is where we stopped for lunch the first day.
Can you see hubby's reflection?

Off again to see more trees and

Nice car eh!!

Just had to take a picture of our floor mats! Cute! Betty Boop!

Here we are! Me and my sweetie!

Finally made it to Georgian Bay, Ontario Canada.  Water was a little chilly......

A stop to get out and stretch our legs.......

Mad Michael's restaurant in Wyebridge , Ont. We had our lunch here on the second day.
It felt like we had stepped back in time to the 60's. Coffee with cinnamon . I remember
Yorkville coffee shops in the 60's serving coffee with cinnamon.  Whoops I guess I'm
aging myself....

Quite quaint! So if you ever get a chance stop in I'm sure you'll love the ambience !

Look closely...can you see it... One tree changing colour......

Nothing like last year at this same time.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little tour along with us.

                                                This weekend  October 1st
                                         we celebrate our....50th Wedding Anniversary!
                                                 Love you Wil to the moon and back!

Time flies by so fast, so take the time , take a tour and Love  every minute of it!


  1. Well, even though you didn't find much fall color, it looks like a perfect little adventure! How fun to drive around in that little car with your other vintage car enthusiasts.

  2. HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY Linda & Wil enjoy you day!!!

  3. Lovely ride in your vintage car. Happy anniversary a few days ahead of time.

  4. Happy 50th Anniversary October 1st ! Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip in your amazing vintage car.

  5. Lovely photos of a fun looking road trip and beautiful vintage cars . Happy Anniversary to you both .Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  6. OMG! Look at your old wedding photo! Happy 50th anniversary! What an incredible milestone together. Your trip looked like a fun way to travel. I bet you felt like you had gone back in time. Those cars are all so neat.

  7. I love your wedding photo! Happy 50th Anniversary and may you celebrate many more happy healthy years together. The road trip looks like a lot of fun but I think you went too early to see many fall colours. This week here it is beautiful. The colours are amazing! I love vintage cars. So fun to see them and it would be fun to go for a spin in one.