Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Sewing Day!

Hello friends, it's been awhile!

Do you have so many projects that you just don't know which one to work on.

I have been looking at this pillow form for some time, I'd pick it up and wonder

what am I going to use to make a cover.

Then it would go back into the cupboard for another day!

This pillow was once covered in this cute drop cloth fabric.
Well over time it wore out and got tossed and the pillow ended up in the cupboard
waiting for the right cover.

The tutorial can be found here

Out came my sewing machine and some blue and white ticking

and I set to work cutting and sewing and pressing.

Don't you just love my vintage sewing machine.
It just humms away as I sew never losing a stitch.

I purchased this cute Rowenta  iron  in my quilting days.

Sure comes in handy for my small projects!

I wanted a cover that would come off for washing.

You see the buttons on the front are just  sewn on and the pocket is held together
with Velcro tape.. No sew Velcro.
Very easy to remove pillow insert.

Love ticking! 

Well I had some ticking fabric left over and Valentines is just around the corner
so I just had to make this cute heart to hang off the bed in the guest room.

                                 What projects are just waiting in your cupboard to

                                           Thanks so much for following along!

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  1. Yes, I understand about having too many projects to know where to start. I'm there now. And I have a pillow form that I'm trying to decide what to do with. I bought a stash of shirts yesterday at a Goodwill store, and I think one will become a pillow cover. ?? Now that you've started, the creativity should keep flowing.....

  2. Beautiful!!! I love the ticking stripe and the buttons make it so much cuter!!

  3. Hi Linda...
    Great job on the pillow and heart! They look great...
    I am almost finished another afghan...and I also have some outdoor fabric in the cupboard, to make a few more throw pillows for the loungers on the deck at the cottage...Perhaps Spring will see that finished!
    My Mom had the same sewing machine...I learned on it, when I was about 12...used it for years, until I bought a Singer at the EX one year...sewed all thru highschool, and well into my 30's...then it just kinda got lost! Patterns are so expensive these days!!
    Enjoy your week...mild temps on the way!!!
    Linda :o)

  4. I am a quilter..love your sweet project! :)

  5. All so very lovely . My mum had an old machine like that when I was little . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  6. Just darling pillows. Your featherweight sewing machine is cute...I have a friend who seems to be collecting them...swearing they have the straightest stitch!
    Velcro would be easier than a zipper or buttonholes....great idea
    I find that most irons are just too heavy....new Rowentas anyway....

  7. Very cute! I love mattress ticking fabric. That's amazing that your vintage sewing machine is still working. It's so pretty too. I bet it's heavy! Things were built to last back in the olden days so maybe that's why it still works so well.

  8. Love that pillow!....I like the idea of the velcro and the buttons just for a decorative element! In awe of that vintage sewing machine....they do not make them like those any longer!