Sunday, 12 February 2017

A Gorgeous Rose for Sadie

                                        Hello friends!

                            Many of you think I have gone Awol!

                           But I'm just in my studio, painting!

Since I've taken up this creative outlet I can't seem to put my brushes down.

My choice of medium right now is Acrylic paints. Liquitex heavy body paints.

I know my love for watercolour has not vanished,      just for awhile .

I decided to persevere and paint a rose........ WOW!  a Rose indeed

This is not just an ordinary rose but Sadie's rose..........

Painting measures 16" x 20 ".

Well I put it out there and asked what colour should I paint the background and the
consensus was..........


                        Yes Turquoise has just made this rose pop!

      Now on to Sadie, Sadie and Levi are the main characters in 
                    our daughters first novel.
                           " Read Between the Lines"    
                            A "Chick Lit " Romance Novel

   Yesterday was Jill Breugem's book launch and signing!

The room filled with excitement as Jill signed each and every book
purchased till there were none. Within the first hour all her books were sold!

                       to our beautiful daughter
                           on her first "Chick Lit" romance novel!

If you are looking to purchase "Read Between the Lines" by Jill Breugem, you can find it at the following locations:

Amazon US

Also available at Kobo and Nook

                               Thanks for following along


  1. Wonderful rose painting . Oh congrats to your daughter on her books and signing . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  2. Congrats to your daughter on her forst novel, may there be many more. Sadie's rose is beautiful.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and you're so talented. Congratulations to your Sadie


  4. The rose is gorgeous Linda and congrats to your daughter on her successful novel! How exciting!