Wednesday 12 September 2012

Front Porch Dressing

Like many of you I have the jump on fall decorating......

My summer flowers are still blooming... But I need (want) the cool colours of fall.

Bring it on...  Soooo.  Here's to front porch decorating 2012.

Welcome to our home at White Weathered Hutch...

Our Wreathe just pops of Burnt Orange and Yellow.
It shows well against the red door..

Here Max and Fergus welcome all visitors...  They remind me of two lioness so still.
To the left of them is my large urn.
I dropped in a cheater pot. You know the kind with all the flowers and ornamental cabbage etc.
I added the cute scarecrow and painted some stryfoam balls orange and then added some corn,
sunflowers from the garden.


Filled the lantern with pumpkins to add colour to the base of the urn.

Moving along to in front of the window is my bench.
Decorated with my favourite quilt.
A small bale of hay, my scarecrow, wooden pumpkin 
a rat......  and a large sunflower from the garden
 Beautiful large pots of Yellow Mums.


As you have noticed I have not taken a picture of the full front.
I want you to come back and visit.
Then My front entrance will be ready for 

Thanks for stopping by !

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  1. Your front porch looks great for fall Linda. I love that quilt! It's hard to believe fall is here with all the warm weather we're getting this week.

  2. Very welcoming! I love how you filled the urn and accessorized the bench. It all looks wonderful!

  3. It all looks so good! I love how you added a "cheater" pot to your urn. I've done that before, but I like how you added some Fall decor to it too. I like how you placed Fall decor inside your lantern too. I'm still not ready for Fall foliage on my porch yet as it still feels like summer here. But, soon hopefully!

  4. Gorgeous! Your house looks lke Autumn has really visited, every vignette is great. I love the wreath, need to make one for my door too.Thank you for your sweet visit. Hugs,

  5. Looks great Linda. I could not help but notice your lovely dogs. We had to put our 13 yr. old lab down this summer and I am missing him so much that I think we will need to get another dog. I saw a Westie that needed rescuing and wondered if they are very social, are they?

  6. You are on a roll with all your fall decorating! I love your fall quilt and that sunflower you added to your bench!! I have told my hubby I want to plant some sunflowers next year. Everything looks great Linda. Enjoy your day, Gail

  7. Your fall decorating looks wonderful ! Love the lantern with the gourds !

  8. I love it all. The wreath on the door is beautiful and so are the urnswith the little touches. The bench forget about it, it is stunning.


  9. Oh it just looks great. Very festive. I dropped mums in my urns too...they don't last very long so I didn't see any point in really planting them. :o)

  10. Linda,

    Your front porch looks amazing! The wreath is so pretty on your door. I love how you embellished your urn. The bench is to die for. It looks like a magazine shoot.


  11. Hi Linda, your porch looks wonderful. I's so great adding Fall elements to your existing things. The urns, the lanterns and decorating your bench adds warmth and colorful fun. Your wreath is lovely. Happy Fall! Linda

  12. Hi! I'm your newest follower. You have put me in the mood to move to the outdoors to decorate. You have done a wonderful job of decorating for Fall!

  13. What a cheerful and festive front porch! I'm sure you put a smile on everyone's face who approaches your front door! Thanks for joining the Countdown to Fall Party! ~ KIM @ Sand & Sisal

  14. Everything about your front porch is perfect. But, I think my favorite element is the bookend pooches. They're adorable (and so photogenic).

  15. Your fall decor is really beautiful! I haven't even begun yet but today the mums will go in. Your lab looks exactly like my Nellie--honestly, I had to look several times!! Linda

  16. Your porch, urn and bench all look beautiful! I love adding things to existing arrangements too. Love that quilt! XO, Pinky