Tuesday 11 September 2012

In Rememberance

In Remembrance of Sept 11. 2001

Mr. White Weathered Hutch built this commemorative Fire Truck.

This is not a kit. Each piece was made from scraps of wood.

                       WE WILL        Never Forget!!


  1. Oh my, that is an amazing piece of art! Wow!

    No, I will never forget either!

  2. That is so beautiful and a wonderful tribute for this day... no, I will never ever forget... thank you for posting about this day today... my husband devoted his entire career to being a police officer and I have the highest respect and regard for all our nation's policemen, firefighters, paramedics, and clergy... many of them unsung heroes... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. That is beautiful firetruck. Your husband is very talented. Something that is implanted in our memories forever. Very sad and it changed all of our lives forever.

  4. Your husband does beautiful woodwork. The firetruck is beautiful.

    I will never forget :(


  5. I borrowed your firetruck idea.

  6. Wow, the details on that fire truck, such talent.
    I will never forget, will always remember where I was when tragedy first struck.
    Debbie :)

  7. Wow! I'm impressed with that fire truck. My husband would really like it too (since he is a Fire Lt.) Btw, just wanted to let you know that your latest post doesn't have any text or pics in it. It's just a title.