Saturday 1 March 2014

Day at the Spa

                                  Oh   how  wonderful!!


           I wish I could say that was my day...

                No the boys needed a day of pampering!


                              WOOF!! WOOF!!

                             My name is Fergus!
                                I'm a Westie !
                          In March I will be 5yrs old.

                                I love to run and play in
                                 the snow and can't wait
                                     for spring so that I
                                       can run through my 
                                          Mom's gardens.

                          She runs after me and !!!! stay out!!

                                                          My favourite spot to sit
                                         is on my Mom's knee
                                    while she is trying to crochet(knit).

                                         She doesn't mind! I only stay
                                            a short time, just long enough...

                                         I have one bad habit.


                               I Bark at all people walking by our

                                    I'm told to shhhhh!!
                                        But it's fun you know!!

                        Here is how I looked before going to the
                                     doggie day spa.

                              I sure needed that day out don't you 

                                   I would like to introduce my friend 
                                          and buddy...


                                    He is a CHIPOO!!

                                   WOOF!! WOOF!!

                                 I'm only a puppy.

                           I will be one yr old in April.

                        I have long legs and run really fast.
                        I chase Fergus all through the house.

                              I'm told that I look more like
                              a poodle than a chihuahua.
                                My line goes way back and
                               my family adopted me from neighbours
                                      down the road. I was the last
                                      puppy and I was so happy to have
                                            a new home!!

                                 I can't wait till spring when I can
                                       run like the wind and chase my
                                        ball and frisbee.

                                Oh yes I like to chase Fergus too.
                            I can catch him, but he can't catch me....

                                 I don't have any bad habits!!!

                           Now my groomer told me that I had
                               too much fur and that I had some
                                       matts that needed to come
                             When Mom tries to comb me I get 
                                upset and sometimes I will nip her on 
                                      the hand...sooooo.......

                                      My coat is short now.

                           This how I looked before I got clipped.

                                     Well we are so happy that you
                                             dropped by to see us!

                                   Hope you all come back!

                                           Fergus and Benny


  1. Awww, Fergus and Benny sure are cute puppies. They must have so much fun playing together and are good company for you too, Linda. I hope you enjoy the day and stay warm.

  2. They are soo cute . I like when our Miggs is all clean and clipped to but we wont get her to her spay day till at least April when it is a bit warmer as she likes to be outside during the day her shaggy thick coat keeps her warm . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. Awwww.........aren't they cute? I think Benny does look more like a poodle with his curly hair. My dad has a Westie too. We've been having trouble with our dog barking too much lately. He didn't use to do that. I think he's becoming more assertive in his old age. If we tell him to be quiet, then he barks even louder! It was fun to get to meet the other members of your family.

  4. Cute little fellows. They always smell so good after their grooms.


  5. They are adorable Linda! I bet they keep you busy!!

  6. Awwwwww Fergus and Benny look so cute. What a sweet post today.

  7. The dogs are so cute!! Shame the spa day wasn't for you though.

  8. Linda this was an adorable post. They are adorable and happy they have each other to play and have lots of fun together.


  9. Hi Chipoo and Fergus - you are both so adorable and sweet ! woof-paws up! ox