Monday 3 March 2014

Succulents or Hens and Chickens

                                  Hens or Chickens

     By whatever name you call them they multiply...

                     The are so easy to grow.

Well I know so many of us are going stir crazy by now
                    waiting for spring to arrive...

                   I pulled out some of my pictures from
   the rockery and noticed how my hens and chickens had
     taken over.........Note to self....thin out succulents....

                 In many stores lately I have seen
                    them in mini pots for $3.99 each..

                I  came home and pulled out my peat pots,
                  card stock and my paints.....

             Do you know where I'm going with this??????

                   Yes I made my own hens and chickens..

        First I white washed the peat pots with white craft

              Then I took out two green paints and some                                           white craft paint and went about                                 painting both sides of my card stock to resemble
               the colour of my hens and chicks.

Once the paint was dry I cut out leaf shapes from larger
                        to small.
Rolled a piece of cardstock into a tube form and started
                  gluing my leaves on  from large to small.

                      Once I had the look I  wanted  I added
                              some browns and creams
                              and a little purple to the edges
                                to resemble hens and chicks.

                     Dropped some moss into the pots and
                           sat my succulents on top.


                        They look pretty awesome!!

                                My costs $0000.......

                   What are you doing to help spring appear!!

                        Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Wow, Linda, these look great and so real! I would never attempt, let alone think of, something like this. They are so cute.

  2. How cute are they ? Great job . I am just waiting for spring and watching and listening to the wildlife in the valley and back yard , they are tell me spring is coming soon ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. I really like how pretty they look in those pots in that conservatory. Such a great idea!

  4. You're right, they do look awesome! If I hadn't read the post, I would have thought you bought them real. Bonus, you don't have to worry about watering them!
    Debbie :)

  5. Amazing!! I would never, never thought of doing this. At first I thought they were real. Great job - and I love the staging under the glass house. Great job, my friend.

  6. I was convinced they were real! Beautiful job. You are so creative!!

  7. I really thought those were real… So cleaver..Very nice would like to invite you to come share it at Share it One More Time at One More Time Events… Tammy