Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!


Well the weather is kind of frightful, but the snow is quite delightful....

So if you have no place to go .........

Let it snow.... Let it snow....  Let it snow!!

I just took this picture outside our front door.

It's 7pm here at the White Weathered Hutch......

They are calling for more snow overnight.........

We are one hour north of Toronto, Ont. Canada....

Snow country...bring out the sleds.....

                                  Hope you are enjoying your evening!!

                                         As always thanks for stopping by.


  1. Evening Linda...
    Great shot...
    Love the Birch logs...
    No snow here...a few flurries this afternoon..
    Thanks again for your help...
    Gonna start another cowl this evening...
    and just...Relax....

    Linda :o)

  2. Hi there, I was just singing that song with friends yesterday. Your snow looks beautiful but glad it is up north and not here in Colorado. Sounds like a great evening to snuggle in front of a fire and enjoy a good book.
    Stay warm.

  3. S0 glad the snow is there where you enjoy it!! When we have snow, it's always a disaster with lots of ice and electrical outages!! So, it's not fond memories. But, it is just beautiful. How long into the new year do you have snow?


  4.'re so lucky! Wish I had some here. It's cold, but just sunny.

  5. How lovely is the snow. Keep warm.


  6. I actually love the snow. However, come March I am usually so over it, I could scream!

  7. thats a beautiful shot! I have the same view outside here, in Sault Ste.Marie Ontario!!!We really have got dumped on haven't we!!

  8. It looks so pretty Linda. I wish we'd get a bit here. I guess shouldn't complain for lack of snow as I'll soon be complaining that there is too much! I'm never happy. :)

  9. I want snow......send it south.

  10. It's beautiful Linda. We don't get snow here very often. I love to see the tress covered.

  11. That means my brother will be getting snow up in Tottenham! It does put you in the Christmas decorating spirit!

  12. Beautiful picture Linda! Enjoy the snow!!

  13. Love your photo, it's funny I just landed in Utah and there's no snow! Every year we come for hubby's Company Xmas party and it's first year without snow. As a California girl I'm bummed. Glad to see you've got a white Christmas ahead.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)