Monday, 3 December 2012

White Weathered Hutch Christmas Day 3


What colour is your front door???

Do you decorate the door with a Wreathe?????

Do you decorate with a Swag??

Do you decorate with a Basket????

Do you decorate with Greenery???

Every  year at Christmas I try to come up with a different look....

One year it was a Berry Wreathe....  That worked well since we had a front porch...

Then the door was covered and protected.....

Since we have moved our front  door is exposed to the weather so.....

we added a storm door.

So for the past few years I have my pinecone wreathe that I made.....

I have added a fine berry wreathe to give it some colour.

So here is my  of past and present..........

2011 Christmas door

2012 Christmas door

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  1. It looks great! I love the black and red checks for Christmas. My door is black, no window. I have a wreath with a decorated ice skate. I love your red door!

  2. Oh that looks cute.
    My house is blue with chocolate shutters and front door. I have a wreath next to the door that has pinecones and a burgendy and gold ribbon on it. It's actually from the boy scouts but I really liked it this year. I have other wooden decorations outside. I saw something else that I want to try if I get the energy today, hah.

  3. Love the little plaid ice skates on the wreath. I have an old FlexiFlyer sled and found some child's ice skates on ebay last year, added child size mittens and hat and red bow to go by front door.

  4. The front of your home is absolutely charming! It looks like a storybook cottage! I like your outdoor decorations. My front door is stained oak with leaded glass in it. I just trimmed it out with greenery and placed a green wreath with a red and white striped bow on it. Very country and simple. I'll be sharing my outdoor decorations soon.

  5. Love your sweet wreath with the plaid skates and bow!

  6. Both so pretty, but I love the little plaid skates & the sled on this year's wreath.

    Our front door is blue & I really don't like it one bit!

  7. You've had some great looks. I haven't done anything to the front door yet. I usually have a wreath, but I was thinking of doing something different this year.

  8. Those skates are adorable on your door....very nice
    I have a "slammer" that I take off for the winter, to put lights around the front door...Still don't have my wreath...I usually go for fresh...perhaps I will get my daughter to help me...she is a floral designer!!! ha ha ha...

    Enjoy your evening..

    Linda :o)

  9. Beautiful wreath!!!...just love those skates...I am using the same wreaths on my door from last year...getting my money's worth from them :)....Will be doing something different next year...

  10. My front door is black with a white, Victorian storm door. There's no room for a wreath but there is an old lintel above that is perfect for hanging a garland down to frame the door. It's really quite easy to dress up for the holidays.

  11. What a cute wreath for your front door Linda! I love the little plaid skates with that bow!! Enjoy your day, Gail