Saturday, 31 May 2014

Yard Sale..

                           Stop the Car!!!

                          Giant Yard Sale !!

             We were on our way last night to our sons when  we passed a huge yard sale
                  put on by our local church.

            It's always held at this time every year starting Friday thru Saturday.

                             Hubby said do you want me to pull over??


           This sale is held on a you can imagine the number of tables
                          and stuff (as my mr wwh calls it) everywhere.

                    Well looky what I found....

                   Yes it was a bargain $1.00

                  This cute jelly mold is not too big as you can see...

                                               Now to hang it in the kitchen,
                                        You know the pineapple is a welcoming
                                                        to your home,

              Earlier that day hubby tilled the garden then I planted...

  Planted corn, beets, lettuce, kale,beans,egg plant,spinach,basil, beefstake tomatoes, cherry tomatoes,
      zuchinni, cucumbers, pumpkins, and Sunflowers.

                           OK Mother Nature now it's your turn  to
                                               take over!!

                                    Have a great weekend!

                                    Thanks for stopping by!

                        Leave a message if you can, love to know that you came by!


  1. I couldn't have resisted either, though anything I bring into the house while the house is for sale must be stored away.
    Your garden looks ready for the season.

  2. I like your pretty pineapple mold. That will look pretty in your kitchen. Your garden is so nice! Looks like you'll be eating well this summer.

  3. That is a great little piece and a good deal as well. I'm just getting around to a few of my fav blogs. I had surgery this week and I'll be off for 6 weeks leading into my summer holidays. Lots of planning going on if not projects as I recuperate. I'm hoping to get a bit of crocheting done though. Good luck with the garden. The ladder vignette and scenery are lovely.

  4. What a great find...I love pineapples!...and the garden is wonderful with the pretty "garden art"...

  5. oh gosh! the abundance you are gonna have. a summer cornucopia! good for you and to your health. ironically i just found out, about six months ago, the meaning of the pineapple - hospitality and friendliness. wonderful sentiment. cheers!!

  6. Love the little jelly mold, great find at a great price, too!
    You are going to have a wonderful harvest.