Tuesday, 23 June 2015

French Country Sale

Every June in a small town in Prince Edward County a French Country Sale is on
in Bloomfield, Ontario.

Every year for the past 5 I have been travelling 2 1/2 hours to wonder through the antiques
and collectables.  You see it's an outing for the girls....my sister and myself wonder through
scouring the tables and the exhibits , turning over and looking at the bottoms to see where this or that
came from.

We can spend 2 hours wondering and picking up treasures to take home. We go one way then the other past the same tables and you often see something different then the first time around.

Furniture, china, iron,bedding, quilts, napkins, kitchen gadgets, ladders, garden art etc.

Do you want to see what treasures I picked up this year...of course you do right!

Here they are ....not any furniture...what was I thinking.....saw some stackable side tables
that would have been ideal for our new sunroom.....lamps ..hmmmm that would have worked...

We hung the two sided clock   $4.00 ,  here...


.you can view from the sunroom, kitchen or living room. ( I picked this up on our way back home at a yard sale)

The three bunches of forget me knots  for $6.00 here in my galvanized pitcher...vignette...

Couldn't resist this cute turquoise vase....$2.00.....

Forsythia vine $5.00 ...put away till next spring.....

Cute tricycle in metal and wood $8.00 ...not sure where I will display.

So that's my day of thrifting!   No pics this year....I know bad me....

Remember last here.....

Well we finished of our day in Bloomfield scouring the local  shops and having a lovely lunch.

                                                         Thanks for stopping by!
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ps.......Sunroom is just about complete!!
you all come back now.....


  1. It would be fun to go on a little shopping trip like that with a group of girls. I much prefer that over malls and clothes shopping. I like the clock and you hung it in a great spot to be seen from two rooms. Looking forward to seeing your sunroom completed. Have fun decorating it!

  2. Sounds and looks like you got some lovely finds ! This place you went to is 4 hours north east of us . Glad you had a good time . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day . P.S looking forward to seeing your new sun room !

  3. Hi Linda! I love that double sided clock you found! $4 what an incredible bargain!

  4. Can't imagine the fun you had....love your treasures....Prince Edward Island is on my bucket list!...Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Shirley! It's a lovely spot to visit!

  5. Nothing like a day junking with your sister!! Great finds.

  6. Oh how fun! That sounds like a fun day of shopping. I love that cute clock you found! I also like the pretty flowers in the galvanized pitcher.