Monday, 2 May 2016

Spring painting poppies

Hello friends!

Hope everyone's weekend was eventful!

When it's raining I like to go in my brightly lit studio and paint.

So here's my inspiration  photo.

 I'm hoping that my poppies will soon be popping out of the garden .

So in the meantime I painted some watercolour poppies.

I find painting is so relaxing and it gives me joy to create!

I haven't been painting for very long and I'm still learning. Maybe I should take some lessons.

This one we decided to frame. So off to Michaels and I knew exactly the frame that would
compliment this painting.

But when we hung it I noticed this......

My painting had ripples...... I thought once it was framed that those ripples would disappear.

So with some research I found that I could iron out the ripples.

                                                    Much better!

   Doesn't the black frame set off the black in the painting.

                                          Here it hangs in our hallway for now!

                                                     Thanks for following along!


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  1. Oh Linda, your painting is just lovely, I can't help but imagine how great this would look on a piece of furniture!

  2. Beautiful, and yes, the black frame is perfect. You've captured that tissue-paper quality of poppies.

  3. I love this poppy painting. The black frame really makes them pop. ;) I had to actually dig out dozens of pop-up poppies in the flower bed on Saturday that grew from the seeds. They were taking over! Have a wonderful week Linda. xx Pam

  4. Wonderful poppy painting, can't wait to see them blooming in the garden. The plants are getting bigger each day.

  5. Did not know you could iron a watercolor!!

  6. Wow! I'm impressed! Your art is really becoming something wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with DI & DI.
    Never knew that tip about ironing the paper. I'll remember that IF I ever pick up a paint brush that isn't intended for furniture - lol

  7. Beautiful painting!....Can't wait to see your poppies bloom!

  8. It's beautiful! I don't think you need lessons. I think you could teach lessons! Your artwork would make beautiful notecards.